Mom’s favorite day is fast approaching as Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 11. Yes, that is just two days away. Have you found that special something that will show your Mom how much you appreciate all she has done for you? Well, in case you are past the age where giving those lovely noodle art pictures is acceptable, I thought I would share with you some of my favorite kitchen items that may just make your Mom happy.

In my family, we are always trying to cook healthy dishes. This means finding new ways to make vegetables interesting not just from a taste perspective but also in presentation. I was in my local Williams-Sonoma store and found a creative new tool called the Spiralizer by Paderno. The number of creative dishes you can make using this gadget is endless. Think of the salads, stir-fries, onion rings and French fries you can make! And I bet the kids will eat their veggies without complaining now because it looks like pasta! This is great for squash, zucchini, potatoes, onions, etc. It sells for approximately $40.



Since I am at Williams-Sonoma, I also want to share my new favorite soap and lotion scent: Vanilla. I know you can find vanilla fragrance lotions and candles everywhere. But this is infused with essential oils making the vanilla fragrance last all the way till the end of the candle.  WS describes the scent as “…warmed with musk and brightened with mandarin and red current.” Somehow knowing that there is olive oil and aloe vera in the hand soap and natural Shea butter in the hand lotion, doing the dishes may not seem so bad with a little bit of pampering at the end of the meal. Plus, you can find a set of hand lotion and hand soap in a stainless holder that makes a really nice gift. Pricing starts at $13.

ws soaps and lotions

If your Mom is a baker or a cook, having the best and freshest spices and herbs is key to a delicious outcome. And that is where Penzey’s Spices comes into play. If you are lucky enough to have one in your city, you must go and visit. The stores offer jars to smell each of the different herbs, spices and seasoning mixes as well as recipes to give you ideas of what to do with the product. What I also find really helpful is if you sign up for their catalogue, you are able to read stories from Penzey’s faithful home cooks who have sent in their recipes for how they have used their products.  Penzey’s sells their spices and herbs as individual bottles or in gift sets of all sizes.  I really like the combination of herbs that they have created in such bottles as Arizona Dreaming, Pasta Sprinkle, Sunny Paris, Northwoods, Florida seasoned pepper, Southwest seasoning, among others.  Added perk is the number of salt-free options that are just as flavorful. If you love pepper or cinnamon, they have a vast supply of different varieties to fit any recipe you are looking to make.  Try choosing a variety of spices and herbs for your Mom to start with. And then invite yourself to dinner! To me, Penzey’s is a store filled with inspiration for your next meals. If you don’t live near a store, you can shop online.

sunny paris seasoningpenzeys spices 4 piecepenzeys baking set

Having wooden kitchen spoons is almost a necessity in every kitchen. But actually having beautiful wooden tools that are for serving as well as cooking is a perfect discovery. Take a look at Canadian based, Timbers, for their selection of hand made maple tools. Each piece is so well crafted and finely sanded that there are no rough edges. You will find them in your local stores or online.  You can see all their pieces at Prices start at $14.


spoons spatulas wood small tools

Does your Mom like tea? Or coffee in a beautiful, artistically designed cup? Then you need to check out Crate and Barrel’s new series of teacups created by different designers. They come in their own pretty packaging.  Stop by your favorite tea store and choose your Mom’s favorite kind and pair it with this lovely cup. And then give her some peace and quiet to enjoy your gift. Designer teacup is $39.95.

teacup and box


Hope this collection of gifts gives you some ideas on what to do for your Mom. Please comment here, tweet or instagram @kitchnwhisperer with your suggestions, traditions or favorite gifts from years past.


Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

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