Inspiring Kitchen is a platform to share a variety of services whether you are a brand or homeowner.


The heart of one’s home is the kitchen. No matter how many gorgeous rooms your home has, you will find much of your party visiting in the kitchen while you are cooking away. Whether you love to cook or enjoy it for the purpose of feeding your friends and family, having the most efficient and up-to-date products will make your experience all that more enjoyable.

Homeowners have used Inspiring Kitchen’s services to create a customized plan for their cooking needs. After a thorough understanding of the cooking style, household and entertaining size, current selection of equipment and goals for the kitchen upgrade, a plan will be created highlighting the key needs of the homeowner (or their personal chef).  This may include evaluating your cookware, cutlery, electrics and tools to determine if it is bringing you the benefits you require.  A personalized list of options will be shared and next steps discussed.

Should you want us to shop, deliver, open, clean and set up your new items, we would be glad too. That way, your kitchen is prepared for you when you are ready to cook.

Inspiring Kitchen has been created as a resource for homeowners who are too busy to build their dream kitchens but want to have all the latest cooking tools  at their reach. We are flexible as to the categories of items to be added or upgraded. Doing a whole kitchen is not necessary if you are merely seeking a line of cookware, for example. It’s up to you. We are here to help in any way we can.

Contact Inspiring Kitchen with any questions you may have. We want your kitchen to inspire you when you prepare your next meal!


Congratulations! You said, “Yes”, and now the festivities begin in preparation for your new life together. What’s the next step in this exciting journey? Building your new home with your partner by registering for items you will need or want in your household.

Well, what do we need? We have some glassware from college and our parent’s old silverware. That’s a good beginning, right? No. This is the one time in your lives where you will be able to start from scratch as you fill your kitchen with items that will make creating your new life together all that much more exciting.

Inspiring Kitchen offers a private bridal registry service that we call our “Wedding Registry Concierge” option. We will work with you to thoroughly understand your cooking style or what you want your cooking style to be as a couple. We will then build a customized bridal registry to honor your new life together. We use our 14 years of  knowledge of  housewares products sold in a variety of retailers to recommend kitchen items that will meet your needs.  We can spend a few hours or a full day choosing items that will be the foundation of your kitchen. One story or multiple stores. It’s up to you. Products are explained, differences outlined and benefits clearly detailed to assure you are comfortable in the recommendations being made. Your time is valuable. We want to make the bridal registry experience a fun and exciting time for you as you begin this new journey.

You will find an extensive list of potential items to register for on our site as well as tips to consider when going through the registry process. For example, should we register for a set of kitchen knives or each knife individually? There is actually a thoughtful way to answer that question.

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As you guide your busy clients to finding and designing their homes, let Inspiring Kitchen focus on your clients’ kitchen equipment needs. From inside the cabinets to on top of the counters, we will offer guidance on how to refresh or build your clients’ kitchenware to what is needed to enhance their cooking experiences in their new kitchens. This may include such items as cookware, electrics, cutlery, kitchen tools, bakeware, dinnerware, barware and beyond.

It is a customized plan exclusively created for your clients’ permanent or vacation homes. If you are looking for a way to provide a memorable value add service for your clients, let Inspiring Kitchen transform your clients’ new kitchens to the heart of their homes.

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Kitchen Organization:

This service is similar to what we do when we clean out our clothes closets. We make stacks of clothing to be donated, thrown out or saved. Here, we will go through your kitchen cabinets, drawers and pantry to evaluate the pieces you have, keeping those that work well for your cooking needs, tossing those that are no longer useful and potentially determining new items for your kitchen that will help you be successful in your kitchen. And to have more fun!