Inspiring Kitchen strives to provide the best service to our clients. We are proud to share some feedback we have received from homeowners to give you an idea of how we seek to exceed your expectations.


“As her Twitter handle suggests (@kitchnwhisperer), Julie is truly the Cesar Millan of the kitchen.  She knows everything about anything kitchen and her knowledge is only surmounted by her ability to explain, educate and interact with the consumer.  She has a gift for making even the most complex kitchen appliance seem understandable and she knows exactly what you need and why you need it.  She fully gets to know your cooking style, preferences, and needs before making any recommendations which has always landed me with the perfect match.  She has helped me with everything from knives to cookware and espresso machines to entertaining tools and I have never been disappointed with a single recommendation.  As a home cook who loves to entertain and appreciates a good kitchen product,  I have been enlightened by and always extremely satisfied with the knowledge, skill, and passion Julie brings to the (kitchen) table.”

Meghan C.


“Julie is nothing short of a kitchen and home guru!  We met when I was in the market for knives, but she has since become my trusted advisor for all things kitchen and home!   I love to cook, but never saw the need to invest in knives.   I didn’t understand the difference between your run of the mill knife set and the knives in the big league like Shun, Global, Wusthof and the like.   Julie convinced me to try a Shun Premier Santoku Knife for my first investment and I was amazed.  She has since helped me build out my knife set (collection as I like to call it) as well as helped with a host of other kitchen accessories.  Among the many great things about Julie, she is honest, candid and always gives you a great perspective on what is a worthwhile investment and why, as well as what’s not worth investing in.

She is a great source of knowledge, an expert in the field, fun to work with, always has great ideas and solutions, and overall a savvy and smart professional.”

Jacquie L.


“It truly makes a difference to have the right tools to work with in the kitchen. My favorite knives are the ones which Julie suggested. They are the first ones my family reaches for when they are preparing something.

Additionally, I have had the opportunity to watch Julie in action, as she advised young couples on making the right housewares decisions to meet their needs for their bridal registry. Julie is extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic. She guided them and made the task, which seemed overwhelming to them, exciting and fun. Julie truly has a passion for all things used in the kitchen and knows what she is talking about!”

Nancy F.


“I met Julie when I was wandering around a Sur La Table store when I first moved to Chicago.  She was conducting a demonstration of Shun knives and curious, I was drawn in.  Julie’s warm and engaging personality soon revealed she not only had a wealth of wisdom concerning cutlery but also cookware, food, entertaining and even kitchen décor.  We soon struck up a friendship and she has been my go to resource for all my kitchen needs ever since.”

Jennifer B.




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