14 Products to Keep You Warm and Cozy this Winter

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  • January 11, 2023

When you live in a winter climate, hibernating indoors may seem like a tempting idea. But why not make the most of it by enjoying the beauty that nature brings? Even with the sun shining, you will need to protect yourself from the cold from your head to your toes. This selection of 14 products will keep you warm and cozy this winter and even includes a surprise offering.  

Enjoying the Outdoors in Comfort

Keep your feet warm with Reimot boots

Cold weather shouldn’t stop you from enjoying nature and exploring the landscape around you. But it’s only fun to adventure if you have footwear to keep your feet warm and dry, and with good traction to bite into slippery terrain.

Riemot boots for winter

Riemot is the innovative travel goods brand that specializes in ultra-affordable hiking boots and sneakers with a focus on natural, recycled, and bio-based materials.

Some key features:

  • Waterproof PU material, moisture-proof and anti-wear.
  • Rain, snow or any other liquids are not easy to penetrate into the shoes, and the water resistance is very high.
  • Lined with soft lamb wool and 3M Thinsulate insulating inner material and removable 3M Thinsulate footbed to keep the feet warm all day long in winter.
  • The slip-resistant TPR sole provides excellent grip on snow and rough surfaces.

Riemot offers a selection of boots in different styles for you to choose from. For more details, please visit here


Lasso Compression Socks  

Lasso performance socks

If getting your workout in includes cardio activities like running, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and ice skating, then you will like these socks by Lasso.  They are the first athletic compression sock worn by professional athletes.

Lasso socks are biomedically engineered to move resulting in enhanced support, improved stability and reduced recovery time without using kinesiology tape. With a focus on arch and ankle support, these socks keep your musculoskeletal system aligned while exercising, saving your joints from excess wear and improving endurance. They also are made with naturally breathable material that wicks away moisture keeping your feet dry and blister-free. Lasso socks come in three heights including ankle, crew and knee height to accommodate any sports you participate in from running to biking to exercising. Finally, Lasso socks are made in America.

For more details on Lasso, please visit here


Keeping your head warm with Stormy Kromer

No matter how enticing the winter sunshine is, keeping your head and hands from freezing is the goal. Stormy Kromer, the iconic Midwest brand that’s been outfitting folks nationally for over 100 years has created clothing designed for warmth and durability. They offer a selection of different items from hats to gloves to blankets.

stormy kromer aviator hat

You may be walking through the snow covered woods, but having a little style can still be possible. Like with this fun Aviator Hat that comes in different colors. Designed with cozy shearling, this sporty, modern look is an update from the well-loved classic.

Stormy Kromer fur trapper hatRugged meets retro in this winter classic, The Northwoods Trapper Hat. Made with plush faux rabbit fur, wool blend plaid and signature ear flaps, this authentic trapper hat includes Stormy Kromer’s own unique six panel crown construction and quilted Lamilite® insulation.


Stay in touch with these Trendoux winter gloves 

gloves with ipad

Being able to swipe and text while you are outdoors exercising, in the car or enjoying the winter wonderland once meant you needed to remove your gloves. Not anymore thanks to Trendoux winter gloves that have a thermal knit fabric that lets you work on the phone while keeping your fingers warm. These unisex gloves come in a variety of colors as well as having an anti-slip silicone on the palm to hold the steering well steady. 

For more details, please visit here.


Carhartt Men’s Knit Cuffed Beanie

carhartt hat

After 130 years of making heavy duty working clothes, Carhartt continues its popularity with its 100% acrylic Knit Cuffed Beanie Hat. With a variety of colors to choose from and a design to keep your ears warm, this is an easy choice for your winter fun. 

To see all the colors available, please visit here.


Rechargeable hand warmers for the outdoor enthusiast

Spending lots of time outdoors will make you appreciate this rechargeable OCOOPA Rechargeable Hand Warmer. This pocket size portable heater is just what you need whether you are playing winter sports or camping. There are three levels of heat to choose from 95-107°F/104-118°F/118-131°F.

Made of high-tech aircraft-grade aluminum, this handheld device is compact and designed not to slip in your hand. The rechargeable lithium battery connects via a USB-C charging port.

For more details on this OCOOPA Rechargeable Hand Warmer, please visit here


Warm your insides with this Stanley thermos 

Stanley cup

Warming your insides with this Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle after time outside is an easy fix. Keep it in your backpack on your cross country skiing adventure or in the garage while you are shoveling the feet of snow that surround your home. Made with BPA free materials, this industrial grade 18/8 stainless steel construction is perfect for hot and cold beverages as it retains the temperature for up to 24 hours. 

This Stanley thermos comes with a an eight ounce cup that is leak proof. Choose from three sizes including 1 quart, 1.5 quart or 2 quarts. There is also a lifetime warranty on Stanley products. Whether you use this for food or beverages, this will be your go-to bottle for convenience and reliability.  

For more details on this Stanley thermos, please visit here


Winter Skin Protection

Burt's Bees skin protection

It’s so important to remember to protect your skin from the dry air while you are outdoors in winter whether you are cross country skiing or making snow forts with the kids. Well-loved and all natural, Burt’s Bees, has just what you need with their Hydration Station Set which includes Unscented Lip Balm, Gentle Cream Cleanser & Aloe Shea Butter Body Lotion.

Made with clean ingredients and without parabens, phthalates, petrolatum and SLS, Burt’s Bees is 100% natural. The nourishing oils, butter and beeswax moisturizes your skin to protect against the cold winter air. 

For more details, please visit here

body glide

Outdoor exercising can also create uncomfortable chafing from the dry air. Body Glide Anti-Chafe balms offer a solution by rolling seamlessly onto the skin to provide a barrier to stop chafing before it begins.

This allergen-free balm can be used everywhere chafing occurs including feet, thighs, and underarms to provide a simple grease-free solution. Body Glide uses plant derived ingredients that are Vegan approved, child safe and never tested on animals. Simply glide the deodorant-style balm across your skin to achieve relief from existing chafing, all while preventing future chafing and skin irritation from happening. 

For more details, please visit here


Luxury tips to stay warm indoors

foot warmer

Keeping your feet warm is a good start to having your whole body feeling comfortable. Create your own luxury experience by using this Pure Enrichment Deluxe Foot Warmer that comes with four heat settings and sherpa lined electric boots. 

Designed to fit both men and women with shoes sizes up to a mens’ 13, machine washable and with a guaranteed 5 year warranty, this is a cozy solution to keeping your feet warm all winter long. 

For more details, please visit here


towel warmer

The ultimate home luxury item is the heated towel warmer from Zadro. No need for big wall contraptions, just place your towels, robes, and pajamas in their insulated bucket to heat them up before wrapping them around your body. There are four timer settings as well as an automatic shut off.  Cozy and warm towels to make you forget about the outdoor temperatures is a win this winter!

For more details, please visit here


dog running with ball

Keeping Our Pets Warm and Cozy


pet sweater

Chilly Dog Rose Fair Isle sweater for our furry friend

As we dress for the winter weather, we need to remember our furry friends. Fair Isle designed clothing not only makes warm sweaters for us to wear, but also our pets, like this Chilly Dog 100% wool dog sweater made by artisan knitters. 

For more details on this Fair Isle sweater, please visit here

pet bed

As we wrap ourselves up in a blanket on the couch after a run in the frigid temperatures, we can’t forget that our pets deserve to warm up too. Thanks to this Thermo Snuggly Sleeper heated pet bed from K&H Pet Products, your dog can curl up in comfort in this electric-heated dog bed. 

The Sleeper is thermostatically controlled to automatically warm to your dog’s normal body temperature when your dog is in the heated pet bed. K&H Thermo-Snuggly Sleeper heated dog bed features a removable cover and pillow for easy wash and care. The dog bed comes in two different sizes to best fit your furry friend. 

For more details, please visit here

warm and cozy products

Which is your favorite of this selection of 14 products to keep you warm and cozy this winter?


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