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  • July 28, 2014

I admit it. I love candles. I burn them all year long. My search for the candle with the best scent, least amount of black smoke, good burn time and fair price is a mission I thoroughly enjoy.

candle burning(27)

So, when I found WoodWick brand of candles at my local Hallmark store, I was intrigued. What is unique about this brand is that the wick which is wood (thus the name) crackles when it burns giving the impression you are sitting in front of a roaring, albeit small, fire. Lovely. 

 photo 3 (17)

I happen to be a fan of vanilla candles. (Vanilla Bean Woodwick Jar Candle – 10oz.) Not the kind that smell too sugary sweet, just a warm, vanilla scent. And that is what I found.  The fragrance lingered all evening which was a nice touch. Some candles don’t have enough oils in their wax to last once the flame is out. WoodWick Geometric Vanilla Macaroons left a soft scent which I enjoy. 

 candle jar on fireplace

If you are interested in checking out WoodWick Candles, check out your local retailers like Bed Bath and Beyond, Hallmark or Amazon. So many fragrances to choose from. What’s your favorite scent? 


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