How to Garden in Balcony Baskets & Planters

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  • June 08, 2015
wave petunias in balcony baskets

I wish I could say that I have a green thumb. But I donโ€™t. I try. Every year, I try to grow herbs and flowers in balcony baskets. Some years I have better luck than others. But this year, it is going to be different! I was fortunate to be able to attend a Petunia Palooza (how fun is that name!) presentation sponsored by Ball Horticulture at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum. Ball is the parent company to many companies you may be familiar with like Burpee Home Gardens and Wave Petunias among other partners.

 Kitchen wavepetunias picm

Katie was our teacher extraordinaire, especially appreciated by novice gardeners like myself. She walked us through the steps on how to design a planter as it is different than planting in the ground. Here are some of her tips on what to consider when gardening in pots:

  • When choosing flowers, make sure to know the amount of sun you will have. You are able to mix flowers as long as they all need the same quantity of sun.
  • As someone who always seems to have trouble determining the right time to water, Katie advised to not just look at the top of the soil to see if it is dry but to go about two knuckles deep into the dirt to see if there is moisture there. If there is, no need to water yet. Note to self, I am guessing this is what the problem with your basil plants has been!
  • When you plant flowers in a ceramic pot versus the plastic ones, keep in mind that the water may be getting absorbed into the ceramic — meaning you need to water the plant more frequently. See above note number two though. With the plastic pots, this is not an issue.
  • When it comes to designing your arrangement, think about the look you are going for. Color combinations, height of the plants, smell, modern vs. traditional look, greenery that drapes over the edges and down the pot, and the width of the pots are all things you want to take into consideration.
  • With a pot that is about 10 inches wide, you may do anywhere from 6-10 plants/flowers depending on the size of them. Just remember that they will fill out as they grow in the appropriate sunshine.

The fun part of this event was the opportunity to build our own pot filled with wave petunias and any other flowers or plants that we wanted. This allowed us to consider all we were taught so we would choose wisely. I have full sun which is perfect for wave petunias. Lucky me!

pink wave petunias balcony baskets

Arenโ€™t they all gorgeous! I am hoping that my green thumb is going to stay with me now. Thanks, Wave Petunias, for my pretty planters and teaching me how to plant in balcony baskets. You can find Wave Petunias very easily at your local Home Depot, garden center or grocery store.

Happy planting! 




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