How to Garden in Balcony Baskets & Planters

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  • June 08, 2015
wave petunias in balcony baskets

I wish I could say that I have a green thumb. But I don’t. I try. Every year, I try to grow herbs and flowers in balcony baskets. Some years I have better luck than others. But this year, it is going to be different! I was fortunate to be able to attend a Petunia Palooza (how fun is that name!) presentation sponsored by Ball Horticulture at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum. Ball is the parent company to many companies you may be familiar with like Burpee Home Gardens and Wave Petunias among other partners.

 Kitchen wavepetunias picm

Katie was our teacher extraordinaire, especially appreciated by novice gardeners like myself. She walked us through the steps on how to design a planter as it is different than planting in the ground. Here are some of her tips on what to consider when gardening in pots:

  • When choosing flowers, make sure to know the amount of sun you will have. You are able to mix flowers as long as they all need the same quantity of sun.
  • As someone who always seems to have trouble determining the right time to water, Katie advised to not just look at the top of the soil to see if it is dry but to go about two knuckles deep into the dirt to see if there is moisture there. If there is, no need to water yet. Note to self, I am guessing this is what the problem with your basil plants has been!
  • When you plant flowers in a ceramic pot versus the plastic ones, keep in mind that the water may be getting absorbed into the ceramic — meaning you need to water the plant more frequently. See above note number two though. With the plastic pots, this is not an issue.
  • When it comes to designing your arrangement, think about the look you are going for. Color combinations, height of the plants, smell, modern vs. traditional look, greenery that drapes over the edges and down the pot, and the width of the pots are all things you want to take into consideration.
  • With a pot that is about 10 inches wide, you may do anywhere from 6-10 plants/flowers depending on the size of them. Just remember that they will fill out as they grow in the appropriate sunshine.

The fun part of this event was the opportunity to build our own pot filled with wave petunias and any other flowers or plants that we wanted. This allowed us to consider all we were taught so we would choose wisely. I have full sun which is perfect for wave petunias. Lucky me!

pink wave petunias balcony baskets

Aren’t they all gorgeous! I am hoping that my green thumb is going to stay with me now. Thanks, Wave Petunias, for my pretty planters and teaching me how to plant in balcony baskets. You can find Wave Petunias very easily at your local Home Depot, garden center or grocery store.

Happy planting! 




  • roch says:

    I also don’t know anything about gardening because we don’t have a garden space at home. It’s great that you were given the opportunity to design and create your own flower pot. I guess the frequency of watering also depends on the type of plants/flowers you have and not only the soil or its environment.

    • Inspiring Kitchen says:

      Very true. I only have balconies so do the best I can. But I love fresh flowers and herbs so am enjoying the learning experience.

  • jamie says:

    I grew an entire veggie garden in containers one year. It was great. My peppers and tomatoes did amazing. Squash and larger veggies were so-so, but definitely produced.

  • You’ve given me some great ideas for my gardening space! I love using a different variety of containers to create my gardening space. There is nothing like having fresh flowers for a pop of color through out the summer months.

  • Dina Demarest says:

    I honestly don’t have a very big green thumb either. Gardening is still something that I love to do however. Your planters are gorgeous!

  • These are such great tips for gardening in a small space. I love using small planters and containers for gardening made easy!

  • Melisa says:

    Those pots turned out really cute! I bet a balcony would really feel like a different space by adding a pot of flowers.

  • My thumb’s not green, either. I just don’t have the knack. But your pots did turn out cute. I’d like to do some pretty pots and a painted table.

  • tara pittman says:

    Thanks for the garden tips. This will help me and my indoor plants.

  • Azlin Bloor says:

    They look amazing, I love the different heights, colours and textures! Long may the green thumb continue!

  • Stephanie Ortez says:

    Thank you so much for sharing! I’ve always dreamed with the perfect balcony surrounded by plants, but for some reason, plants die on me lol. I love having flowers and plants everywhere, they bring so much life. Yours turned out great!

  • Amy Jones says:

    Thank you for the information. I’m about to move to an apartment with my boyfriend and I’d love to have plants so this will be helpful

  • I for sure do not have a green thumb. You make it look so easy and the planters are beautifully done.

  • Good luck with your plants this year! I have only had a house in Florida for a year now, I have only gardened in Ohio in the past, I am just starting to learn what I can grow in the Florida heat!

  • I’m a lot like you. One year the garden does great, the next year its like everything just lays down and dies

  • Elizabeth O. says:

    Gardening will never be my forte, but it sure would be nice to learn more about it. This is such a lovely lesson especially since it involves flowers! That’s really amazing and the results are fantastic!

  • Elizabeth Towns says:

    These are all beautiful! What a great way to bring color and life into your house and garden area.

  • Heather says:

    Beautiful container gardens! Great tips, thanks!

  • Lexie Lane says:

    I love gardening, but I haven’t tried doing it on a limited space. I am going to try it using your tips, thanks for sharing!

  • Nicole Escat says:

    I love gardening. My grandma loves gardening so much too, I will share this with her.

  • She Joh says:

    This is a great article. I don’t have a balcony but some of the tips can apply to gardening in general. Thanks for sharing.

  • Leigh Anne Borders says:

    What a great post. We are currently for ways to garden and this will come in handy!

  • Great tips and pretty arrangements!! Perfect for small spaces.

  • Thanks for the great ideas for some planter baskets. I live in the city and I don’t have a lawn. I have a concrete sidewalk outside my front door and I’ve been wanting to brighten it up with flora.

  • Lisa says:

    I have a garden but it doesn’t get much sunlight because I have a very large oak tree and maple tree blocking it out! I do plant flowers and fruits and veggies on my porch in buckets and containers every year, but I didn’t do any this year. I might have to pick something up after seeing your post – I kinda do want to see some life and color out there again this year, but I also want to move so I don’t know how much effort I’m willing to put into it! Definitely feeling inspired though!

  • Great tips! These add so much color to my garden!

  • Kathy says:

    Those are some beautiful flowers. When I had a garden I use to have some flowers around the edges. I love how it made it look. I absolutely love flowers!

  • Rosey says:

    I usedd to not have a green thumb. I’m doing better. I think it’s fun to try.

  • Christina Aliperti says:

    I need to go to Home Depot and grab a few of these planters. I think they would be perfect on my terrace and they are so pretty.

  • WOw this is awesome. My mom will love this. She’s got her garden out back right by the kitchen that she tends to everyday. Will share these brilliant tips with her.
    I like how you owned up to not having a green thumb haha very cool of you.
    Hope all goes well with your garden and planting.

  • My son and I started gardening last year at a community garden, but this year I also bought some fruit plants and have them on the side of the house in little containers. I hope they grow. There is no sign of blooming yet and it has been at least a month.

  • Doran Poma says:

    So cool. It is my goal to start a patio garden this year. I love how plants look in large bowls and concrete planters.

  • Danne Reed says:

    Gardening is a skill and a relaxing way to relieved your stress away. BTW, nice flowers!

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