Fresh Made To Order Hamburgers At Meatheads

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  • June 08, 2016

When I hear the word “summer” I tend to think of long, sunny days by the pool and bonfires with friends. But as many of you know, summer days are not always relaxing; some days you just need to get things done. And when those hectic, nonstop days of running errands or driving kids from activity to activity roll around, cooking dinner can seem like another chore on your already long list.

On those never-ending days of hustling from one thing to the next, I’ll admit that nothing sounds better than grabbing a quick bite from the nearest fast-food joint. When I hear people say “fast-food” I used to think fast, inexpensive, and unhealthy. That is, until I learned about Meatheads– a Chicago-based fast-casual restaurant chain that combines fast and easy with healthy and fresh.

Fresh Made To Order Burgers At Meatheads
I recently had the opportunity to learn about the mission of the Meatheads’ restaurants. Until this event, I knew very little about the restaurant and the types of food it offered. But, after learning about the company and how it prepares its meals, I am now a fan!Fresh Made To Order Burgers At Meatheads

What differentiates Meatheads from other fast-food and fast-casual restaurants is its fresh take on family dining. Its made-to-order menu provides you with a vast array of burger, chicken, and hotdog choices, including whether you want your meal fried or grilled. And it gets even better; the ingredients used to craft your meal are all fresh. That’s right, Meatheads guarantees its ingredients are never frozen! In fact, each location is equipped with only one freezer which stores the ice cream used for shakes.

Meatheads’ burgers are made from 100% Certified Angus beef and served on locally-baked buns. French-fries are cut daily and cooked in Omega-3 rich canola oil.

Fresh Made To Order Burgers At Meatheads

The customizable menu appeals to extravagant, creative, and simple tastes alike. The menu lists some fun combinations, but you can also craft your own signature item like this grilled chicken, pineapple, and onions, and avocado with a side of Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce. What would you prefer? The Californian with pepper jack cheese, cucumber wasabi sauce, avocado, lettuce and tomato or the Texas Ranch with cheddar cheese, bacon, bacon ranch sauce, lettuce, tomato, pickles and raw onions? 

Fresh Made To Order Burgers At Meatheads

Want dessert? How about a made from scratch milk shake like this coffee shake?

Fresh Made To Order Burgers At Meatheads

Or help Meatheads support the community by choosing this locally produced Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough treat. 

Fresh Made To Order Burgers At Meatheads

Founded upon the idea of bringing the community together, Meatheads is dedicated to helping the local communities and companies surrounding its stores’ locations. Its current initiatives include joining public libraries in their summer reading programs that encourage children to read more by giving rewards out for every 5 books read, and celebrating young athletes through its Meathead of the Game program. Meatheads’ newest addition to its community efforts “honors everyday heroes who showcase determination, hustle, hard work and who take care or their” community, in what the company calls Cowmunity.Fresh Made To Order Burgers At Meatheads

Meatheads was built upon on the idea of “take care”– take care of the customer, the restaurant, and each other. Since opening in 2007, Meatheads has opened 16 other store locations throughout the Chicagoland area. It currently offers catering services and an app-based loyalty program.

Fresh Made To Order Burgers At Meatheads

So the next time you find yourself in a bind and in need of a quick meal, check out the nearest Meatheads location. I know I sure will!



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