Technology Design in New Chicago Restaurant

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  • July 31, 2014

Checking out a new restaurant is a great part of my work. While I am not in the restaurant business directly, the products I work with are a necessary part of what is used to give diners a memorable experience. In this case, it is the decor that caught my attention first. Technology in almost any sense can be helpful, entertaining, a communication source, business tool and on and on. So, when I was invited to a new restaurant for their pre-opening service and saw how they used technology as a piece of art, I thought I would share it with you.

The restaurant, Reverie, is opening officially in Chicago on Friday, August 1, for dinner service. There are many things about this restaurant that are interesting to know. The sportscaster investment team who wanted to offer a restaurant and sports bar format but with an upscale yet very comfortable club like feeling. The soft lit interior is modern with simple colors of black, orange and cream with yellow seating in the lounge and sushi area. Exposed wood beams and mirrored wood pillars  makes the surroundings warm and inviting.

dining room pillars ReverieThat blank wall that you see at this moment will soon have mirrors that will become televisions during the games. 

second floor Reverie sushi bar sushi bar reverieLounge and sushi bar

What drew my attention right away was the length of wall over the bar covered in televisions which gave a seamless impression of a moving mural. They had an aquarium effect playing which offered this calm ambience to the space. During game seasons, you will find various sports being shown on the wall to wall (yet subtle from a decor sense) televisions.

Here’s is what the wall of televisions looks like:

Reverie tv screens

If you live in Chicago or are visiting and want to check out a new restaurant that offers delicious Asian influenced dishes whether sushi, fish, poultry or meat, you need to stop by Reverie. They are located in an area now being referred to as “The East Bank District” otherwise known as River North in downtown Chicago. And if you like sushi, seriously, try the Tuna Pokstada. Amazing!

tuna appetizer Reverie 

Ribs with creamy corn and grilled watermelon asparagus with egg and tamari grilled chicken balsamic with veggies Reverie
414 N. Orleans Street


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