Best Stainless Steel Cleaner Ever!

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  • April 24, 2014

How frustrating is it when you begin the clean up phase of the meal and staring right back at you are your formerly brilliant, shiny stainless steel cookware looking anything but shiny? Well, if you are not already familiar with Bar Keeper’s Friend, you will soon make it your best friend.

Bar Keeper’s Friend is a non-abrasive cleanser for your stainless steel products. This is not just your cookware. You can also use it on your stainless steel fridge, sink, outdoor grill and even your ceramic cooktops. There are other uses for it too listed on the can.

The way I use this product is to first use my dish soap and sponge to clean out the cookware. Then, I put some of the cleanser on the pan or sponge, add a little water and return the pan to its bright state. You can use this product on the inside and outside of the cookware. Bar Keeper’s comes in a liquid and powder cleanser format. My preference is powdered so I can control how much “grit” there is to help me clean the pan. Just personal preference, of course.

And finding this product is easy! My local grocery, Target, big box hardware and specialty cooking stores all carry the brand. The cost for the cans is under $6 and can usually be found for a great price. I just bought a 21 ounce can for $1.70!

Plus, the brand is recommended by All-Clad Metalcrafters and Kohler for their products.

Instagram or tweet me @kitchnwhisperer your before and after photos of how Bar Keeper’s has solved your worst cookware cleaning problems. I have no doubt you will be adding Bar Keeper’s Friend to your arsenal of cleaning products.


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