30 Organizational Ideas for the Ultimate Kitchen Design

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  • August 03, 2021
kitchen design ideas

When you are in the middle of cooking dinner, do you open every cabinet and drawer trying to find what you need? Is your goal to have nothing on your countertops? Organization and efficiency are the most wanted features when it comes to designing or remodeling a kitchen. Here are 30 kitchen design ideas from outlets to islands to create the kitchen of your dreams. 

Cabinet and Drawer Organization

Divided Drawer:

Create a drawer that is set up with containers for flour, sugar and other ingredients you use frequently. Include a sticker for identifying purchase date, expiration date or any other details that are important to remember.

flour storage in drawer kitchen design ideas

Spice Drawer:  

No more searching for the oregano. Now you have a drawer that is built to showcase your clearly labeled jars to make it easy to reach for the exact one you want. Alphabetize them for a quick search, too.   

in drawer spice holder

Sheet Pans:  

Create a niche in the kitchen island or cabinetry to slide them in and out instead of stacking them in this handy organizer.

storage for boards

Cutting Boards:

Use a vertical holder for cutting boards that can be stored in the pantry, cabinet or counter top. If you find any space in your cabinet design that is too small for a door, try creating a slot for cookie sheets or cutting boards.  

baking sheet organizer

Creative Drawer:

If your goal is to have nothing on your counter tops, then this drawer is the solution for you. A deep drawer with canisters for kitchen tools and a knife holder.

clean counter drawer

Stand Mixer Solution:

A baker’s dream is to have easy access to their mixer without needing to leave it on the countertop or move this heavy appliance from pantry to workspace. This lift is effortless with a bonus electrical outlet inside the cabinet.

stand mixer shelf kitchen design ideas

Pots and Pans:

Keeping them organized and not scratching the interior and exterior of the cookware is the goal here.

scratch proof the cookware

Hidden Appliances:  

Design a cabinet that will fit all your appliances – or just those you use frequently – that you want to store in the kitchen and not have on the counter top.

appliance garage


Soft close doors and pullout drawers for dishes and other items.

pull out drawer for dishes

Display Those Cookbooks!

cookbook display


Added a pop-up outlet to the counter or a power strip into a long skinny drawer for your technology center to charge all your electronics.

Plug outlet strips under the cabinet for a very clean look. 

outlets under cabinet

Outlets with USB ports for easy device charging

Hidden plugs with USB on each side of island.

hidden plugs on island


Walk-in/large pantry for food storage and small appliance storage is an organized person’s dream. If you have room, add a counter top and electrical outlets. 

Can Storage

can organization

Air Tight Containers

storage containers

Produce Storage

Produce not to be refrigerated.

produce in pantry

Cleaning Supplies

Partition a small part of your pantry for brooms, vacuum and other cleaning tools

cleaning supplies

A Pantry Cabinet

All the appliances get hidden in a minimalist or reduced clutter kitchen.

appliances in pantry

Two Pantries:

If you are lucky! One for food and one for appliances.


Trash, Compost and Recycling

Place next to the sink and island.

trash can recycling

Water Solutions

Instant hot water faucet for tea, oatmeal or soups, for example. 

hot water faucet

Pot Filler

pot filler

Second sink in the island for prep work.

prep sink for island

One big sink to be able to wash large pans. 

one big kitchen sink


Two Dishwashers

two dishwashers

A sink top disposal button

disposal button

Ventilation hood

Make it a piece of art in the kitchen. A design focal point. 

range hood


Under Cabinet Lighting:

Many design formats are available depending on your design space.

undercabinet lighting


Double width to have cabinets on the back side for small appliances and storage for entertaining items. Design island so depth is comfortable for chairs to be pushed in at island.

island with storage

Biggest island you can fit for workspace and entertaining. Hide plugs on sides.  

huge island

Unique Storage Cabinetry 

Do you have a tip to share on creating an efficient and beautiful kitchen? Please share! More kitchen design ideas coming soon. 

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