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  • June 11, 2014

Aren’t we all trying to find ways to eat healthier these days? Adjusting our meals to increase the “good-for-you” ingredients while subtracting those that are high in saturated fat and calories. As someone who enjoys vegetarian options, I am always on the look-out for new products that will be protein focused. Most of what I have seen in the grocery store aisles is soy based meat alternatives. Well, I am happy to share that I have recently had the opportunity to learn about a UK company called Quorn, that gives meat free options a whole new category.


I am fortunate to be a part of a tight group of Chicago based bloggers called the Chicago Blogger Network who invited me to this special event. The team from Quorn along with the restaurant chef where our gathering was held did a fantastic job creating dishes using the various forms of the Quorn products. The Chef prepared a number of different dishes using the meat substitute to showcase how it can be included in our everyday meals, the ease of using it in recipes and ultimately, how it tastes.


Before I describe what we tried, I think it is important for you to know a little about this brand. Quorn was launched in the U.S. in 2002 but actually began in England back in the 1960’s. Quorn products are made with non-GMO ingredients and are 100% soy free.  They are a naturally-occurring, sustainable protein source from the fungi family called Mycoprotein. It is a cholesterol-free source of protein, fiber and essential amino acids. The beauty of this product is its ability to replicate the taste and texture of meat to fit right into your existing recipes.

Inspiring Kitchen Quorn Vegetarian Packaging-tenders-250x250-new-150x150 Quorn_300g_Chik_n_Nuggets_USA_Carton-150x150

And we saw exactly how that would happen during our party. Our creative team prepared a Mediterranean chicken & vegetable pasta, tacos, fajitas, chicken cutlets, chicken nuggets and all the accompaniments to complete your meal. We may have started out eating each dish with a bit of caution but by the second or third bite, we were thoroughly enjoying our meal. For those who are meat eaters, the tacos were a big hit as could be seen by the piling of tortillas full of meat, lettuce, onions and guacamole just like a traditional beef taco. If you have kids, I would suggest the chicken nuggets. This way, it is finger food that can be dipped into your favorite sauces. Hmm, adults may like this option as well!

fajitas pasta chicken fillets and nuggest


taco and fajita meat tortillas dipping sauces


taco toppings dinner plate

At the end of the evening, we all agreed that we were really excited to learn about the Quorn products. They offered solutions to our desire to eat less or no meat, healthier, main course, snack and breakfast options, took on the flavors of the dish and were easy to find in our local stores.


Try them and let me know what recipes you have made with Quorn products. You can reach me here, on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook at:


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  • Elle says:

    Looks interesting! I’m going meat free for the next month, so I’d love to try these out. I’m kinda nervous but these look delicious.

    • inspite3 says:

      They are delicious and very much like the meat they resemble. Using dipping sauces for the nuggets, make a taco salad with the crumbles, etc. Love to hear what you create!

  • LISA LEBLANC says:

    Interesting ideals, although I have never heard of it. These are great ideal. Thanks for the interesting facts.

  • Interesting. I haven’t heard of this brand before. We try to eat a good deal of meatless meals but also try to limit our exposure to soy. This sounds like it might be a great option for us. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jeanae says:

    We were introduced to this brand as a potential alternative. I like many of the Quorn products. Not all of them are vegan, so those don’t work for my son’s severe allergies.

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