UncommonGoods: An Artisan Showcase

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  • May 12, 2017

So, how many bridal shower, birthday party, wedding and anniversary party invitations do you have hanging on your fridge? Have you found THE gift to give for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day? If you are tired of walking the malls and surfing the web, then you should check out Inspiring Kitchen’s new shopping discovery: UncommonGoods.

Just like its name sounds, this unique online store has a wide assortment of items that range from jewelry to home goods to kitchen and bar to artwork to kids options and beyond. These creative and original designs are not typically found in your traditional mall stores. Instead, this curated collection offers you gift ideas that are segmented to special occasions:

  • Personalized wedding
  • Baby shower
  • Gifts ideas for men
  • Business gifts

Or interest

  • Cooking
  • Garden
  • Tech
  • Wellness

to make for easy shopping. The origination of the company was to showcase handmade goods and the artisans behind the items. As you browse through the collection, you will see  how the artist’s touch and where the pieces were created played a part in the finished products. 

In addition, UncommonGoods also generously believes in the philosophy of “Better to Give”. This program gives customers the opportunity to shop the UncommonGoods site, make their purchase and then pick the non-profit partner that they want to have $1 donated too. Since UncommonGoods started in 2001, over $1 million has been donated to non-profit organizations around the globe. All such great reasons to shop their site!  

Let’s Shop!

My favorite expression. Wandering stores and scrolling through online shopping websites is something I totally enjoy doing. Having been a business traveler for years, that is what I would do before going to bed every night. Propped up in bed with tons of pillows, computer on and credit card in hand looking for must have items.

Here are a few of my finds for the celebrations I am going too:

Unique Gift Ideas for Men

Finding a gift for a man can be difficult for different reasons than buying for a woman. Men rarely have a wish list of items they want. (other than the Tesla, of course!) So, choosing an item that they will appreciate can be challenging. That is until I share this favorite find from UncommonGoods!  

Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses

Tequila and salt go hand in hand. Which makes these shot glasses perfect for that tequila he will be enjoying. Made from Himalayan sea salt, these reusable glasses will add that hint of salt to each sip.  Salt is naturally antibacterial so no worries about cleaning mid-fiesta. Aren’t these ideal for the summer party season?! For more information or to order these Himalayan Salt Glasses, visit here.

Wedding Gift

As someone who sells high end kitchen knives and knows that wood is the best surface to cut on, this personalized wood cutting board is the perfect gift for the couple. To order your custom board, visit here

Bridesmaid Gift

Thank Your For Your Part In My Journey

What a lovely idea to give this pretty necklace to your girlfriends as a thank you for being in the wedding and supporting you and your spouse to be. To see the whole collection of unique artisan items, please visit UncommonGoods website. There are endless gift ideas to choose from for you or that special someone. Happy Shopping!



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