Top Finds and Trends from 2016 International Home and Housewares Show

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  • March 14, 2016

For anyone interested in housewares, this past week’s show would have been your playground. The International Home and Housewares Show ran from March 5 – 8 at Chicago’s McCormick Place. At the show, you will find over 2,100 exhibitors from over 40 countries, educational seminars, cooking demonstrations at the show’s cooking theater, in booth cooking demonstrations, book signings and many other activities.

Top finds and trends housewares show 2016

Coming to the show every year is something I genuinely enjoy doing. I am fascinated by the new technology that is showing up in our housewares products. The color, design and creation of pieces that will make our homes, kitchens and cooking experiences so much more pleasurable. As a result of all that I saw and learned, it will take two posts to share all my favorite finds and observations!

Top finds and trends housewares show 2016

I noticed a number of trends that I will be sharing with you and am curious if you have noticed this too in your local stores, online and magazines resources. The first is the use of color. It was everywhere! From dinnerware to tableware to appliances, you will find pieces that are intended to be left out on your countertop, cooktop or displayed in your cabinetry. The design aesthetic is a big part of how we showcase “art” and identity in our homes.

Top finds and trends housewares show 2016

The second trend is how metal – copper in particular — is used in our everyday pieces: flatware, coffee press and stand mixers to name a few. I also noticed that the colors of metal (copper, silver, gold) are being used in such items as Wellnessmats floor mats adding elegance and design to your kitchen in an unexpected place.

Top finds and trends housewares show 2016

favorite finds from international home and housewares show

In terms of new products that are joining well-known families, check out this new smaller version of the KitchenAid stand mixer. This well loved mixer has introduced a more compact version of their highly popular Artisan series that is ideal for small kitchens. Known as the Artisan Mini, it may be smaller but it comes with all the attachments you would expect of the established full size machine. This is your sneak peek, as it doesn’t launch until this summer. 

mixer straightened out picm

The third trend I saw can be seen in the different ways in which we make things ourselves that we would traditionally buy from the store.

Since growing our own herbs is a mainstay now whether you have a yard or windowsill, this herb grinder from Trudeau lets you mix the herbs you want and grind them to your preference. This is a far fresher option than buying from a grocery store.

Top finds and trends housewares show 2016

We have heard about (and some of you may already be doing it) brewing your own beer. But what about making your own wine? Mr. Beer will be launching their wine kits later this year to let you design your personal brand of wine. Just like the beer kit, it comes with all you need. You can choose red or white wine kits. It will take 8-9 months for the wine to be ready for drinking. Wouldn’t this make for a fun gift for someone who has every wine gadget out there?

Top finds and trends housewares show 2016

Making whipped cream is not difficult. All you need is a cold bowl, electric mixer, sugar and heavy cream. Well, here is a way to make it in just a minute without any electricity from French company,  Cookut. The 3 Creazy silicone balls in the jar help to aerate the cream to a light and fluffy stage. So easy and you even get a little arm exercise shaking the jar! 

Top finds and trends housewares show 2016

This list is just the tip of all that I saw and admired at the show last week. Watch for part 2 of my favorite finds and observations coming next Monday. If you haven’t already followed Inspiring Kitchen on Instagram, you should! You will see more of my unique discoveries there.

What are your favorites from part one of my adventure at the International Home and Housewares Show?

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