Top 10 Hostess Gifts for the Cook

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  • November 17, 2015

With temperatures dropping and leaves changing colors, we know that we are very quickly entering in to the holiday season. It is also the time of year when we are being invited to the homes of friends, family and colleagues to celebrate happy times over good food and conversation. When you get that warm welcome invitation, you may wonder what host or hostess gift would be a nice show of appreciation for their hospitality.

This year, Inspiring Kitchen is going to help you find that perfect hostess gift. After doing some extensive research, we have found unique and exciting gifts for you to give to your hosts.  Our collection is filled with our favorite cooking and entertaining finds knowing that at least one is going to be exactly what you want.

Inspiring Kitchen Top 10 Hostess Gifts for the Cook

Inspiring Kitchen Top 10 Hostess Gifts for the Cook


The Top 10 Hostess Gifts for the Cook 

Have you ever wished someone would send you a box of your favorite candies? They would arrive in a pretty box and offer an assortment of just what you love. Well, that is exactly what Sugarwish does! Here’s how it works: the gift giver chooses the size of the Sugarwish gift box that they would like to order. Shipping and tax are already included in the package price making this a seamless process. The recipient then receives a “wish” which is sent as an e-card. The personalized e-card brings your gift recipient to the Sugarwish website to select their favorite sweet treats. Their candy is then packaged in the pretty blue signature box, tied with a ribbon and shipped right to their door in just a few days. So simple and so welcomed!

This is such a fun idea for a hostess, birthday, holiday, corporate or even just to put a smile-on-your-friend’s-face gift. Imagine your college student’s expression when they receive this email from you because you sent them a Sugarwish? You will be the most popular parent on campus!

There are more than 80 delicious options to choose from that it will make everyone smile with excitement. You don’t need to worry about choosing the right candies to include because that is totally up to the lucky recipient. To order your Sugarwish gift, please visit here for all the details. 


Boardwalk Food Company Craft Beer Pretzel Mix 

Anyone looking for a little salty treat that also loves to bake is going to be so excited to get these mixes from you. Boardwalk’s Craft Beer Pretzel Mixes come in three flavors: Original, Rosemary Sea Salt, and Cinnamon Sugar. Each mix produces a chewy, delicious pretzel requiring only a few extra ingredients that are already in your home. For full details on how to make these pretzels, check out our experience making the cinnamon sugar variety here.  Inspiring Kitchen Top 10 Hostess Gifts for the Cook 

Eliot’s Grown-Up Nut Butter Gift Set

Peanut butter is a childhood tradition. It’s comfort food. And now, there is an adult version of this delicious nut butter. Crafted in small batches in the Eliot neighborhood of Portland, Oregon, three different flavor combinations are offered as a gift set. Included in the set are:

 Top 10 Hostess Gifts for the Cook

  • Honey Chipotle – a sweet and smoky, southwestern style blend of peanuts, chipotle chiles and honey powder
  • Spicy Thai – a combination of peanuts, aromatic lime leaves and lemongrass, spicy cayenne and cane sugar
  • Espresso Nib – a blend of dry roasted peanuts, cacao nibs, espresso beans, brown sugar and salt

Each set includes three 12 ounce jars. Just think about all the recipes, desserts and dipping sauce combinations you can make with these nut butters. As a side note, consider bringing your hostess an Eliot nut butter along with the Boardwalk Craft Beer Pretzel Mixes. Doesn’t that sound like a great pairing while watching a movie or a football game?

You can find these Eliot Nut Butters at your local Williams-Sonoma store or online. 


Italian Market Snacks

Top 10 Hostess Gifts for the Cook

(photo courtesy of Olive and Cocoa)

If you are ever unsure what to send someone as a gift, a basket filled with gourmet treats is always welcomed. Online retailer, Olive and Cocoa, has a variety of beautiful gift sets that will feed your senses. The Italian Market Snacks box is a collection of your favorite Italian foods including farmhouse cheese, rustic crackers, salami, basil pesto, bruschetta spread, mixed nuts and handmade sea salts caramels.

The excitement when the box arrives is only enhanced once you see how lovely the packaging is as you open the shipping box. The crate is wrapped in a pretty brown ribbon with a personal note attached. Each of your items is purposefully placed in the crate making the unwrapping a part of the anticipation of the gift.

To order this crate or any of their other varieties, please visit here

Inspiring Kitchen Top 10 Hostess Gifts for the Cook

Bringing a gift to someone who loves to entertain opens the door to many unique and creative ideas from bar tools to spirits. 

Straw Envy

Top 10 Hostess Gifts for the Cook (photos courtesy of Straw Envy)

Isn’t drinking any beverage, even water, more tasty with a pretty straw? How about one with sparkly crystals and bright colors? Well, Straw Envy has created the cutest set to give as a hostess present. You will get one colorful straw and one straw that is perfect for that hot beverage as it is designed to slide right into that rectangular opening of the to-go cup lid. If you want a collection for your home bar or just one for your office, car and home, Straw Envy offers that too. The straws are all dishwasher safe, BPA free, and good for the planet. The 2-piece set even comes with a handy brush to clean the inside of the straw.  This is such a fun idea for adults or kids to have their own personal straw to “Sip with Style”.  For more details, please see here


The Original BarBack Beverage Tool 

When setting up a home bar or just preparing your kitchen for entertaining, there are a few tools that are really key to making the process easy. Instead of having a drawer filled with kitchen tools, what you really want is The Original BarBack Beverage Tool as it is an “11 tools in 1” system. Invented in 2005 by professional bartender, Dennis Oakley, it is so easy to use and takes up very little room in your drawer or on your bar. Here are just a handful of the uses for The Original BarBack:

 Top 10 Hostess Gifts for the Cook

  • Bottle cap opener
  • Corkscrew
  • Double lever wine key
  • Garnish knife
  • Citrus zester
  • Fruit and vegetable peeler
  • Foil cutting tool

If you are looking for a welcomed gift for the host that entertains often, this is the perfect choice. It is ideal for home bars, picnics, tailgate parties, cabins and when traveling thanks to its portable size and durable construction. To order The Original BarBack or for more information, please see here


Owl’s Brew

If you are looking for a hostess gift for the person who enjoys making craft cocktails, then, this is exactly what you should give them. Owl’s Brew is the first ever “tea crafted for cocktails”. It is made from fresh brewed and bottled tea, handcrafted in small batches and then lightly sweetened. Made in Vermont, this is an all-natural product that is brewed from whole tea leaves, fruits, spices and herbs with no added or artificial flavors. 

Top 10 Hostess Gifts for the Cook(photo courtesy of Foxes and Wolves)

The idea is to then mix it with your favorite spirits like vodka, tequila, rum, whiskey, gin or champagne. Serve it over ice or shaken. Measurement is easy: 2 parts Brew plus 1 part alcohol. And Voila! Let your creative talents run or start with some recipes on their website which can be found here. Tea lovers are going to be intrigued by the ingredients found in Owl’s Brew as a new way to make flavorful craft cocktails. 


Chila ‘Orchata

Instead of giving a bottle of wine to your host, why not bring a bottle of Chila ‘Orchata? With the cold temperatures fast approaching, drinking something warm and toasty is comforting and inviting. This inventive beverage smells like a cinnamon stick but is actually made of Puerto Rican rum, real dairy cream, Tahitian vanilla and a sprinkle of exotic cinnamon

Inspiring Kitchen top 10 gifts for the hostessChila ‘Orchata is a creamy drink that can be served over ice, mixed with a wide variety of beverages or even used when baking. Try mixing it with your coffee (iced or hot) for an evening cocktail or adding it to your cheesecake recipe. This would be a tasty addition to your host’s bar or kitchen pantry.

You can find Chila ‘Orchata at local liquor stores. For any additional information, please visit their website here


Inspiring Kitchen Top 10 Hostess Gifts for the Cook

rockflowerpaper Blu Bags

Including these Blu Bags in this gift guide has two purposes. The first is recommending what a great gift this would be for anyone, no matter where you are in life. These collapsible bags are made of colorful 100% polyester and are able to hold up to 50 pounds. They are perfect for grocery shopping, going to the farmer’s market, gym, school, work or just to have in your car ready for any use. They can also be rolled up to fit into a small zippered pouch that makes it so easy to carry with you.  

Inspiring Kitchen Top 10 Hostess Gifts for the Cook

 The second benefit to the Blu Bags is from an environmental standpoint. With grocery stores across the country starting to eliminate their plastic bags, bringing your own eco friendly, reusable and easy to carry bag to the store helps our world long term. In fact, rockflowerpaper is so passionate about this effort that they are working with the Ocean Conservancy in Washington, DC, pledging to donate 20 cents per bag sold and a minimum of $50,000 over three years to help them with their mission of keeping plastic out of our oceans.

These multi-use bags come individually or as sets of three in lots of fun colors and patterns. This would be a terrific gift to give anyone wanting to help the environment. Pick your pattern and color choices and know you are helping out the environment with your gift.  By the way, if you wondered why they are called Blu Bags, it is because “every bag that is bought will help keep the oceans blue”. To learn more, please see here


Windowsill Grow Box for Herbs 

Anyone who enjoys cooking knows that using fresh herbs is the secret ingredient to making a flavorful dish. But, not everyone lives in a place that allows for a garden. Well, has you covered with their Windowsill Grow Box for Herbs designed for small spaces.

 Inspiring Kitchen Top 10 Hostess Gifts fro the Cook

(photo courtesy of

This recycled steel growing box comes with a lid, organic seeds for oregano, basil and chives and growing medium. Now, your host or hostess will be able to add fresh herbs to their masterpieces no matter what time of year or whether they live in an urban or suburban location.  This is the perfect host or hostess gift for the “Chef” in your life.  For more details and to order, please click here.  

 Inspiring Kitchen top 10 hostess gifts for the cook

Watch for Inspiring Kitchen’s 2015 Holiday Gift Guide with more unique gift ideas for the cook and entertainer. 

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