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The Ultimate Girls Trip to Lake Geneva

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The Ultimate Girls Trip to Lake Geneva – Celebrating friendship on a girls trip to this bustling resort town located right on the lake offering boat tours, innovative dining options, shopping, golf and so much more.

There is something so very special about having girlfriends. The ones who know your deepest secrets, support your hopes and dreams and make you laugh till you cry. When our crazy, busy lives get in the way of friendship, we know we have to make a plan to get everyone together and reconnect. Best way possible is a girls trip where our real lives are temporarily left behind and new memories are created.  … Read more

Country Music and BBQ Shine at Windy City Smokeout Festival

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As anyone who pays attention to the weather knows, winter in Chicago means one of hibernation. But summertime is another story. We are outdoors. Every day, if possible. One of the many reasons to love living in a city like Chicago are the vast assortment of summer festivals. Chicago has an abundance of them throughout the summer whether food, sports, art or music. No matter where you live, you will find one near you. In its fourth year, one of the most recent food festivals to pop up is Windy City Smokeout.

Country Music and BBQ Shine at Windy City Smokeout Festival

With the 23 Country music bands playing over the course of the weekend, attendees had the opportunity to listen to their favorites throughout the festival.… Read more

The Secret of the Weber Grill Restaurants

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Everyone has heard of a Weber Grill, but few know the iconic history behind the company and how it changed the grilling game forever. This true American story takes place right here in Chicago in the early 1950s with George Stephen Sr. as the protagonist.

Weber Grill Restaurants

Prior to Weber Grills, the market only included open grills. These grills lacked covers, making grilling dependent upon the weather. This all changed in 1952 when George Stephen, Sr. had the revolutionary idea to create a dome-shaped grill. The roundness of the grill would seal the smoke in, giving the food that mouth-watering smoky flavor, as well as provide protection against the weather.… Read more