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8 Food and Drink Places to Visit in Lake Geneva

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8 Food and Drink Places to Visit in Lake Geneva – Our girls trip to Lake Geneva, a bustling lake front resort town, included visiting a variety of dining options from Neapolitan pizza to steakhouse to Italian bistro to winery to cooking school to sweet treat shops.

What do we always talk about on vacation? Where to eat! And our girls trip to Lake Geneva was no exception. We were looking forward to the various culinary excursions we were going to have on our trip. While this, of course, included restaurants, we were also going to do some wine tasting at a local winery and get our chef’s hat on at the Lake Geneva School of Cooking. … Read more

Chop Chicago: A Neighborhood Steakhouse

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When you think of going to a steakhouse restaurant, what comes to mind? For me, I think of dark, clubby, more formal environments that can have a business feel to them. Well, since that wasn’t the purpose of my dinner this time, I was very happy to discover a new restaurant with a different ambience. Chop Chicago is a new steakhouse located in the South Loop area of Chicago adjacent to the ShowPlace Icon movie theaters in the Roosevelt Collection.

Inspiring Kitchen Chop Chicago Steakhouse

While you may see the dark booths, the rest of the space is an easy place to be in whether you are sitting at the table or at the bar watching a game.… Read more