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Luxury Car Design: It’s All in the Details

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Luxury Car Design: It’s All in the Details – Highlighting the impact design has on cars like the glamorous details in the Hyundai G80 jeweled lights and all

When you think about design, what comes to mind? Interior decorating? Architecture? Jewelry? Fashion? Art? Baking – think French pastry? Well, how about the design of a vehicle? After all, design is all about shapes, curves, color, lighting, ambience, energy, imagery, feeling and materials. The details of what make up a space or item.

These first photos are from Klairmont Kollection, a Chicago auto museum. No matter the age of the vehicle, the details are there. … Read more

In the Driver Seat at the Chicago Auto Show

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If you were looking for a new car, where might your first stop be? A dealership? Online? How about the 2017 Chicago Auto Show?! I’m in car shopping mode so am genuinely interested in what I am going to learn at the show.

This past week I had the pleasure of attending the Women in Automotive Luncheon in preparation for the Chicago Auto Show. Both events occurred at McCormick Place making it not only a day of education but a walk through a maze of vehicles that offered everything from power to design to technology to luxury to family focused features.… Read more