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How to Build a Home Bar

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Making cocktails for your friends and family doesn’t need to be intimidating or complicated.  You are all set in the kitchen with your ingredients and cookware, but what about your home bar? Do you have everything you need? Or is the question, do you know what you need? Having the basic components and equipment available is a really good start. Knowing how often we like to entertain this time of year, it seems appropriate to showcase how simple it is to build a home bar.

Inspiring Kitchen How to set up a home bar

I recently had the privilege of speaking with Mixologist Extraordinaire, Lynn House. Lynn shared her recommendations on what you might want to consider for your home bar.… Read more

Creative Cocktails: The Porthole

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What’s the most memorable way you have ever been served a cocktail? How about from a Porthole? No, not in front of one or through one but created and presented in one. In Chicago, we are known for many amazing restaurants and chefs. Yet, there is one chef that is widely known for his innovative dishes and dining experiences. You may already be very familiar with Chef Grant Achatz of Alinea, Next and The Aviary fame. In these locations, the food becomes works of art not just in taste but in presentation as well.

 Creative Cocktails: The Porthole

With that in mind, Martin Kastner from Crucial Detail, designed an incredibly unique vessel that showcases the ingredients used to make the infused cocktail, tea or oil so that it becomes a part of the experience.… Read more