Swiss Diamond: Non-Stick Cookware

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  • April 29, 2014

A classic non-stick fry pan is key to every kitchen for preparing egg dishes, delicate fishes, and healthier meals. The ability to use less or no oils or butters is a major perk when your goal is to cook and eat healthier. Well, we all know about non-stick pans and have probably tried at least 5 different brands over the years as the ones we have been using fall apart. We may have even used a cooking spray in the pans and discovered a gummy residue left behind no matter how diligently we washed the cookware. So, if any of the above sounds like you, you are going to like what I am sharing with you next.

I was introduced to a brand of non-stick cookware made by a company called Swiss Diamond. And they take their name seriously! The cookware is all made in Switzerland. And the non-stick coating has diamond crystals in the surface giving you a very hard surface to cook on and preventing cracking or peeling of the non-stick. The cookware is made of cast aluminum which will help insure a consistent temperature throughout the pan. Plus, the ergonomic handles will stay cool when used on the cooktop. No worries about remembering to grab a towel first with this cookware. If knowing you can put your cookware in the oven is valuable to you, then you will be happy to know this is oven-safe up to 500 degrees.¬†Finally, this brand of non-stick cookware does not use PFOA’s (chemicals used in Teflon) which has been the subject of investigative studies as to it’s safety. Important to know.

So, with my 8″ frying pan, I created what I think is (ok, was!) a delicious omelette. This pan is very sturdy and substantial feeling. I try to cook with as little butter as possible but with eggs that is usually a challenge. Not with this cookware. I used a smaller than normal amount of butter in the preheated pan wondering if I was going to have scrambled eggs vs. my preferred omelette. Once I poured the eggs in the pan, I could see the cooking begin with the rim being created around the whole pan from the cooked eggs. Nice! Then, when the time came to flip the omelette over — and potentially break apart the eggs, the whole omelette slid beautifully over with no mess at all! Yeah! In the picture below, you will see how evenly this omelette turned out. The consistent temperature of the cookware is obvious as there are no over or undercooked areas.

According to the packaging, I could put this pan in the dishwasher but I found it to be easy to clean in the sink. As with all non-stick surfaces, I always recommend using wood, plastic or silicone tools as I want my cookware to last a long time.

You can find this cookware at most of your local stores from specialty to department stores as well as online. Just check their website to find the stores near you.

And on a different note…I have to share the seasoning that I used in the omelette. If you are not already familiar with Penzey’s Spices out of Milwaukee, WI, you should be. They are fantastic and worth a blog post on their own awesomeness. I used their Sunny Paris seasoning in the omelette. It is composed of purple shallots, chives, green peppercorn, French basil, French tarragon, chervil, bay leaf and dill weed. No salt which is perfect for me as I like to control the amount of salt in my cooking. Take a look at their website if you are not near any of their stores. They will ship to you and are a great idea for gift giving.

Thanks for reading about my experience with Swiss Diamond cookware and Penzey’s Spices. Tweet or Instagram @kitchnwhisperer with your favorite types of cookware.


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