Sustainable Atlantic Sapphire Salmon

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  • June 22, 2016

Did you make a resolution to eat healthy this year? So many of us try to make smart decisions when it comes to food choices but it can get so confusing. We know that salmon is good for us but heard that it is being overfished and thus potentially declining in availability.

Inspiring Kitchen Atlantic Salmon

For that reason alone, I was intrigued to learn about a brand of salmon that is producing a delicious, nutritious and sustainable salmon. We know a number of things about salmon in general. Being low in calories and saturated fats while also containing high levels of protein and omega-3 fatty acids, salmon is considered extremely nutritious. However, we often hear the words “mercury” and “genetically modified” in relation to salmon. So what does this really mean?

Well, there are ultimately two ways salmon is cultivated: wild and farm raised. Wild salmon is just as it sounds: salmon that is caught from its natural environment (either the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans). Farm raised salmon means that the salmon were cultivated inland in aquacultures. Wild salmon tends to be more expensive because it is considered healthier…well that is until now. Atlantic Sapphire is a company that is shattering all of the negative connotations surrounding farm-raised salmon. What makes this farm raised salmon company different from all the others is its unique and innovative inland aquaculture.

Inspiring Kitchen Atlantic Salmon

Atlantic Sapphire is the first ever farm raised salmon company to utilize eco-friendly methods. Its method– named Oceanus after the ancient Greek and Roman name for the Atlantic Ocean– is centered around the company’s recirculating body of purified water. By using this type of aquaculture, Atlantic Sapphire is able to create an environment for salmon to be raised inland that parallels that of the Atlantic Ocean, which is salmons’ natural environment. Furthermore, this inland aquaculture is sustainable and completely negates the harsh effects on the oceans’ ecosystems.

Inspiring Kitchen Atlantic Salmon

I was invited to join the Atlantic Sapphire team for dinner at The Capital Grille during the National Restaurant Show. Chef Patrick made a dinner for us incorporating the salmon to show us the versatility of the fish. Each course was beautifully orchestrated so the flavors of the fish and other ingredients shined through. Presentation was stunning as well. This salmon, no matter the course, was almost a creamy texture with no strong fishy flavor which I particularly enjoyed.

Throughout the evening, we learned about ways to prepare this fish (and you don’t have to be a Chef!), how the company originated and what the mission is going forward. If you have a chance to try Atlantic Sapphire Salmon while dining in a restaurant or you are eating their smoked salmon, I am sure you will enjoy it as much as we did. Here’s to our own good health and that of our oceans!

Inspiring Kitchen Atlantic Salmon

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