6 Thirst Quenching Beverages to Stay Healthy and Hydrated this Summer

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  • August 04, 2020

Without question, 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone. As we look for ways to stay upbeat, getting creative in the kitchen, having virtual cocktail parties and even finding new ways to work out may do the trick. With all of that in mind, I went in search of ingredients, beverages and treats that are new-to-market (or just new to me). And did I find a wealth of products to share with you! So many must try items that it will take four themed articles to describe them all. They include healthy snacks, thirst quenching beverages, creative cocktails and mocktails, and delicious pantry staples to sweet treat desserts.

Today’s post is all about choosing drinks that are refreshing and support your health with their prebiotics, bubbles, ingredients, and flavors. Whether you are taking a walk in your neighborhood, relaxing in a lounge chair on your patio or doing an intense workout on your Peloton bike, staying hydrated is so important for your entire body. While bottled water is a good solution, flavor variety is likely to get you to reach for that drink more frequently. If you like how it tastes, you will drink more, right?!

In fact, we as consumers are paying attention to the clean ingredients and labels on our drinks more than ever as we focus on our health and wellness needs. The good news is there are many options available to help us reach our nutritional goals like including these six thirst quenching beverages into our diet. 

thirst quenching beverages


6 Thirst Quenching Beverages to Try



sparkling hibiscus thirst quenching

If a refreshing herbal tea is your drink of choice, then try Sparkling Hibiscus Cold Brew Herbal Tea from Caveman Coffee Co. This caffeine-free, sugar-free hibiscus tea is a blend of hibiscus flowers, lemongrass and organic natural flavors.

Why hibiscus? It’s a natural adaptogen, packed with antioxidants and has been linked to lowering blood pressure and cholesterol in recent studies.

Sparkling Hibiscus is lightly sweetened and lightly carbonated after cold-brewing for 12+ hours for the best flavor!

This refreshing Sparkling Hibiscus Cold Brew Herbal Tea can be found here.



peach vibe thirst quenching

Getting ready for your next run or visit to the gym? Boost your energy with this refreshing Limited Edition Sparkling Peach Vibe Fitness drink from CELSIUS for your pre-workout beverage. Made with no preservatives, sugar, artificial colors or flavors, no aspartame or high fructose corn syrup and low in sodium, it’s perfect for active lifestyles. It has seven essential vitamins, 200 mg caffeine and is clinically proven to accelerate metabolism, burn fat, burn calories, boost endurance and help build lean body muscle. An added bonus is that unlike traditional energy drinks, there are no crash or jitters from drinking CELSIUS. Peach Vibe is carbonated with a good balance of white peach flavor and energy that serves as an awesome pick-me-up for our busy lives. CELSIUS is available in 12 oz. slim cans and sold in a 12-pack for convenience.

Get ready for your next workout with Sparkling Peach Vibe from CELSIUS. To order or learn more, visit here


Thirst Quenching Sparkling Water


gojai sparkling drink

GOJAI Organic, (pronounced go-hi), lightly caffeinated sparkling water is the perfect refreshing pick-me for a warm summer day. Best of all, it’s made with only 45mg of caffeine per serving (about a half cup of coffee), no sugar, calories or preservatives and nothing artificial. Made with real organic fruit, the sparkling GOJAI waters come in four summery flavors: orange, lemon, grapefruit and raspberry lime.

GOJAI Organic creates their recipe by sourcing only the cleanest, healthiest ingredients found locally in Ojai, California. In addition, they give 1% of their profits to local environmental and clean water causes around Ojai. 

Fill your fridge this summer with GOJAI sparkling water found on Amazon, GOJAI.com and at select retailers.



ocean spray akota

When you think of cranberries, you may think of the vibrant red juice or the traditional Thanksgiving fruit sauce. Now, Ocean Spray, the cranberry cooperative owned by more than 700 farmer-families, has created Atoka™.  Atoka Herbal Tonics and Herbal Shots, which are inspired by the iconic cranberry superfruit, are made with the highest quality restorative herbs and nutrient dense dark fruits. They are plant-based, non-GMO, and vegan. Atoka is available in three Herbal Blends, each offering unique support for your daily wellness journey:

  • Balance Blend: A comforting blend of essential Lemongrass oil, bitter Orange Peel, and tender Linden is paired beautifully with nourishing Cranberries – this herbalist blend is sure to soothe the belly & your senses.
  • Calm Blend: A calming balance of delicate Chamomile, earth Hops, and rich Dark Cherry – this herbalist blend can help ease the tensions of daily life and quiet the busy mind.
  • Well Blend: A vibrant formula of adaptogenic Reishi, hearty Elderberry, and soothing cinnamon, clove, and ginger – this herbalist blend is a modern Elderberry syrup, curated to support your daily wellness journey.

This new line of herbalist crafted, plant-based functional beverages is now available to purchase online.



wonder drink

Take care of your digestive system with Wonder Drink’s new Prebiotic Plus. There is a benefit attached to each of the three new flavors :

  • Prickly Pear Cascara for Focus 
  • Turmeric Ginger for Radiance 
  • Salted Watermelon for Hydration

Ingredients like ashwagandha and cascara, sea buckthorn and biotin, and electrolytes and vitamins deliver an extra boost in each flavor. 

Each Prebiotic Plus comes in a 12 fl. oz. slim can and contains only 8-9 g of sugar. Prebiotic Plus is certified organic, guaranteed non-alcoholic, non-GMO, vegan and gluten free. Feeding the probiotics a diet of prebiotics helps the good bacteria thrive and contribute to digestion and overall health. You gut will thank you!

Try it yourself by ordering from Wonder Drink


Thirst Quenching for Immunity and Hydration



Taking care of your immune system is key to good health. RSP Nutrition just introduced its first, ready-to-drink product, Immunity + Hydration Shot, that is vegan, all-natural, gluten-free, with only 15 calories and zero added sugars. 

This immune system booster shot enhances both immunity and hydration with a potent dose of organic coconut water, electrolytes and minerals (including Himalayan Pink Sea Salt) and amino acids for more rapid and effective hydration than water alone. It also features a one-of-a-kind blend that combines Vitamin C, elderberry, echinacea, ginger, black pepper, and astragalus for immunity support.  A must-have due to our current situation, this shot is unique among other wellness shots because immunity and hydration-improving ingredients synergistically combine within, and being properly hydrated is necessary for a functional immune system. 

Available in an environmentally-friendly glass bottle, this Guava Ginger shot is ideal for active, sick, hungover, and on-the-go consumers, as well as those looking to preventatively boost immunity, especially during this time. 

Find RSP Nutrition Immunity + Hydration Shot here


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