Start The Day With Plenti Yogurt

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  • August 04, 2015

Thanks to Plenti for sponsoring today’s post. As always, thoughts and opinions are exclusively my own.  


Are you a breakfast eater? I am. Breakfast is the meal that I count on to give me a good start to the day, both mentally and physically.

Getting ready for work every morning usually leaves me with very little time to make breakfast. (Yes, I know I could get up earlier but that just never happens) As a result, I am always on the look out for quick healthy solutions to start my day off right. Lucky for me, I am a big yogurt fan. On my last grocery run, I noticed a new line called Yoplait Plenti (with an “I” not a “y”) that is a new twist on Greek yogurt.

Inspiring Kitchen Plenti Greek Yogurt


Plenti Greek Yogurt is filled with lots of wholesome ingredients and packed with protein (something I am always looking for). It has whole grain oats, flax and pumpkin seeds and delicious fruit mixed in. I tried the vanilla and liked the rich vanilla flavor and texture of the seeds and oats. Yoplait Plenti has so many flavors to try that I won’t run out of options during the week. I love that!


Inspiring Kitchen Plenti Greek Yogurt

Your choices of Yoplait Plenti yogurt include these delicious flavors:

Black Cherry





Spiced Apple




If you are wondering why Yoplait calls their new yogurt, Plenti, so was I. Their philosophy is “We put more in. You get more out.” I like that. Just what I need: protein filled, energy building and wholesome ingredients. Exactly what I want to get my day off on the right foot. “Plenti Packed Full of Goodness”.

Inspiring Kitchen Plenti Greek Yogurt

Visit The Land of Plenti to find a location near you to pick up the great flavors of Yoplait newest Greek yogurt. 

“Have a truly Plentiful day!”




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