Spy Themed SafeHouse Restaurant Opens in Chicago

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  • February 20, 2017

If you ever wanted to be in a spy movie or just simply love anything 007, then you are going to love the newly launched SafeHouse Chicago. Originating in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1966, this fascinating space is anything but a typical dining experience. Milwaukee’s location has even gained Landmark status.

As a Wisconsin girl, the SafeHouse was always the place to bring friends who came in to town. To this day, I still have their original Spy’s Demise cocktail glass. Oh, the memories…

There is much that goes on inside the restaurant that you need to experience firsthand. Mystery is a very good thing. Which means content here is being closely monitored. You will thank me later.

Wisconsin’s presence can be seen in these Fried C-4 Cheese Curds:

When you first find the door to the restaurant (no huge awnings and signage here), you will be granted admission once you have been approved by the operative waiting for you. Knowing the password will make your entrance a little less embarrassing, however. Nothing to worry about though. Just gentle humor. As your covert mission begins, you will enter into the SafeHouse territory and won’t be able to ignore all the spy gadgets, passing Agents and hints of espionage in the design. History and technology are everywhere.

Even in the menu

  • License to Kill Cheese Macaroni
  • Mission Impossible Burger
  • Cuban Missile Crisis Sandwich

Fried C-4 Cheese Curds, Bird Watchers wings

The Big Green C, Wai Lin’s Ahi Salad, Prime Rib Timed Drop, The Raven

This may be a spy themed restaurant, but the food is chef driven, locally sourced, made from scratch and creatively presented. From appetizers through dessert and of course cocktails, the espionage theme is consistent.

Your server will retain his or her Agent status by remaining in character. You will even be able to choose an Agent name for the remainder of your mission at the SafeHouse. (I am of course, Agent Kitchn Whisperer). You will be given your mission once seated – beyond scrolling through the extensive menu – to explore the SafeHouse. Maneuvers, reconnaissance, technology and mind-bending initiatives all await those who choose to join in the fun.

The SafeHouse is a restaurant and entertainment experience for everyone. Bring your friends, family, colleagues and dates. Host team buildings, meetings or celebrations. It will prove to be a memorable experience for everyone! For more details, please see the SafeHouse website.

Bring your curiosity, adventure and hunger to experience the SafeHouse. The operatives are waiting for you. And watching….

Signing off,

Agent Kitchn Whisperer

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