Sous Vide Herbs de Provence Cod in Wolf Gourmet Multi Cooker

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  • May 09, 2018

Sous Vide Herbs de Provence Cod in Wolf Gourmet Multi Cooker – How one machine’s precision, design and high quality construction makes cooking so much more efficient and fun. Wolf Gourmet Multi Function Cooker does it all from sear, saute, slow cooking, sous vide, rice two ways, and many more program options.

Have you wondered if there is an appliance that “can do it all” when it comes to cooking your meals? You know, one pot cooking that doesn’t make a mess of your whole kitchen. Well, I found it in my new Wolf Gourmet Multi-Function Cooker.

Wolf Gourmet Multi Function CookerI have typically been a minimalist when it comes to kitchen equipment. I suppose that is funny given I have worked in housewares for so long and like to cook. With little storage options and a belief that with a few pieces of cookware and good knives I would be good to go, small appliances didn’t seem too necessary. Ok, I am eating my words. Literally and figuratively. My Mom, who is an amazing cook, never used a slow cooker. So, that whole concept of a meal in one spot never resonated. When I finally decided I had to see what all the talk was about with a slow cooker, I began to understand how it made a busy household’s meal planning a bit easier. And now the bar is raised for my next small kitchen appliance.

As someone who spends time at Chicago’s LuxeHome, a resource of 30 luxury design boutiques in the home design (remodeling or new construction) space, I knew of the Wolf brand of high quality ranges and ovens. If you are in to kitchen design or simply appreciate high quality appliances, you probably know of them too by the red knobs on their cooktops. I recently learned that they also make countertop items in their Wolf Gourmet line that include a blender, toaster, countertop oven and a multi cooker. It was the last one that caught my attention. I now have a new addition to my kitchen. The Wolf Gourmet Multi-Function Cooker. And I love it!

There is no question when you begin reading about how this cooker works that the details are very well thought out. The capabilities are extensive. The precision control that Wolf ovens and cooktops are known for is carried through into these small appliances. As I read through all the options that this machine gives me to be creative or frankly, lazy, when it comes to making a recipe, I lost count at just how many choices I had. So here is just a nutshell for you as you are going to need to truly experience this machine’s capabilities yourself to realize how amazing it is.

Sous Vide Herbs de Provence Cod in the Wolf Gourmet Multi Cooker

7 key points that intrigue me:

  • Program – you can customize your cooking times and heat settings as well as use the temperature probe that is included to set the temperature for your food.
  • Rice – you choose white or brown rice and it sets the temperature and time appropriate. If you have a separate rice cooker, you won’t need it anymore. This one will do it all.
  • Saute/Sear – the insert for this machine is heavy duty tri-ply stainless steel that you can not only sear and sauté ingredients for your upcoming dish but can also use it on any cooktop including induction and in the oven. As a former cookware rep, I can tell you this is made with durable (not flimsy) stainless steel. It looks beautiful and is well constructed.
  • Sous Vide – this one fascinated me as I have wanted to experiment with this method of cooking. However, I had no interest in buying equipment that can only do one thing and is expensive.
  • Meal Timer – plan ahead setting the cooking hours based on when you want to eat.
  • Slow Cook – Ok, I have a slow cooker already but this feature is worth noting as you cook on low, medium or high heat for up to 24 hours. You can also choose whether you want to cook your meal to an exact temperature or to be served at a specific time.

While each of the features appealed to me, there were two that stood out for different reasons. The first is the sear function with the rice follow up and then sous vide. I have always wanted to learn how to do the latter but was so intimidated by what I thought were all complicated steps. Let me just tell you, with this machine, it is NOT complicated!

Now, you may know from previous posts that making risotto is my go-to dish. It is adaptable to whatever you have in the house and everyone loves it. This was the first dish I made in the multi cooker. There are two important tricks with risotto that you can’t leave out. The first is to make sure you saute the onions in olive oil and then add the Arborio rice to absorb the onions, olive oil and wine. This is your flavoring for the dish and therefore, a must do. The sear function on the cooker did it beautifully in the stainless steel pan that comes with the machine. It’s heavy duty which assures an even heat.

Wolf Gourmet Multi Function Cooker

Then, probably the most important function so this recipe turns out creamy with non-mushy rice is to add warm stock a cup at a time to be incorporated into the rice kernels. With this machine, you don’t add one cup at a time but all at once. I was skeptical. I shouldn’t have been as it is Wolf after all. It turned out to perfection! The machine has a feature that lets you choose between brown and white rice, choose white and let it run. I would not say it takes less time as that is not the goal of the machine. What it does though and something I will refer to again later on is it cooks to spot on temperature. Total precision. Total Wolf control.

And my finale for our dinner….sous vide fish. I have never done this before as I mentioned. I understand the concept of sous vide so created my own recipe and got started. Using a simple ziplock bag, I put the cod, herbs, butter and shallots in. I removed as much air as possible so the fish was hugged by the bag.

Sous Vide Herbs de Provence Cod in the Wolf Gourmet Multi Cooker

Then you just put the water in the stainless steel container to cover the bag of fish – you can use the stand they provide if you have multiple bags – put the thermometer in place in the water, lid on and turn the machine to sous vide, setting the temperature you choose or is recommended.

And let it cook. Low heat – 130 degrees for the water and 40 minutes. The machine tells you when it reaches the temperature and when the dish is done.

When I opened the bag of fish, the freshness of the herbs came through. The color of the fish was a beautifuly white shade….all the way through! I did want to add a little edge to the fish so adjusted the red knob to sear. After waiting for the bing telling me it had come to the right temperature, I added a little olive oil and then placed the fish in the pan searing it a minute or so on each side and it was done!

True test was of course eating the risotto and fish. Zero leftovers. Does that tell you how good this was?! And the only cooking equipment to clean was the stainless steel pan. No cookware. Cleaned effortlessly with my favorite stainless steel kitchen cleaner, Bar Keeper’s Friend.  

This machine has a ton of uses to make your life easier and your dishes done to perfection. The experimental aspect is what I am enjoying. It is very clearly obvious as you use explore its capabilities that the quality of the materials, precision temperature control and thoughtful placement of the mechanics comes from a company that knows what they are doing. It is a Wolf brand after all. Try it yourself and tell me all about your cooking experience. 

Sous Vide Herbs de Provence Cod
Serves 2
Lemon, shallots and Herbs de Provence cod made in the easy sous vide method in the Wolf Gourmet Multi Function Cooker.
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Prep Time
15 min
Cook Time
50 min
Total Time
1 hr 5 min
Prep Time
15 min
Cook Time
50 min
Total Time
1 hr 5 min
  1. 2 6 ounces of cod
  2. 1 tablespoon butter
  3. 1 teaspoon olive oil
  4. 2 tablespoons dried shallots
  5. 1 tablespoon Herbs de Provence
  6. 1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice
  7. Salt and pepper to taste
  1. Set Wolf Multi Cooker Sous Vide function to 130 degrees.
  2. Fill water into stainless steel pan so that it will cover the bag of fish leaving an inch to the top open.
  3. Attach temperature probe into machine and into the water as directed in machine guide.
  4. Wait for bing sound telling you water is at right temperature.
  5. Put fish in ziplock bag with herbs, butter, shallots, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Remove as much air as possible from bag. Seal tightly. Use the stand if you have multiple bags.
  6. Cook for 40 minutes.
  7. Remove bag from pan.
  8. Carefully empty water from stainless steel pan. Dry pan.
  9. Put pan back into machine. Set to sear/saute. Wait for it to bing.
  10. Add teaspoon of olive oil. Once hot, add fish. Sear till lightly crispy edge about 2 minutes each side. Low heat.
  11. Enjoy.
  1. Adjust herbs and flavors to your preference.


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