The Scoop on National Ice Cream Month

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  • July 26, 2022
Ice Cream Month Cones

July is National Ice Cream Month, otherwise known as the sweetest month of the year. This means 31 days of creamy goodness offered up in endless flavors of decadently, delicious ice cream.  

With the goal of doing the “hard research” for this article, I dug deep to get the scoop on the latest flavors and brands in the market. After much investigation, I have compiled a list of classic and unique ice creams for you to sample, brand stories to tell, and organizations to support. Oh, and I found a couple surprises to share with you too. 

National Ice Cream Month


Adirondack Creamery

Adirondack Ice Cream

When the CFO of a NYC corporation takes his business knowledge and combines it with his passion for ice cream, Adirondack Creamery is born. This all natural ice cream brand is based out of the Western Adirondacks. Their farm family recipe uses exactly what you think ice cream should be made of: cream, milk, sugar, and egg yolks. ⁣No artificial ingredients or colors and as many locally sourced, simple, recognizable ingredients as possible. ⁣

Their assortment of flavors include the classics as well as some more unique flavors like Syrian Date and Walnut and Kulfi Pistachio Cardamom. Watch for the seasonal line too as they have become very big sellers: Pumpkin Pie, Egg Nog, and Peppermint Stick. ⁣

Did you see the message on the Syrian Date container? A good reminder. In the owner’s words, “Food also has the real power to remind us all that there’s much more that unites us than separates us.”⁣ 

Find Adirondack Creamery at local stores or online for overnight shipping. 


Frutero Ice CreamFrutero ice cream

From the first spoonful of Frutero Ice Cream, you’ll feel like your transported to the tropics thanks to the 100% real tropical fruit in the recipe. A winning combination of creamy, swoon-worthy texture and authentic fruit flavors, Frutero is sure to be a summer standout, as well as a treat to enjoy all year long. With 7 delicious flavors including Passion Fruit, Guava, Guanabana, Coconut, Mango, Tangerine and Pineapple, it’s like experiencing a trip to the tropics, no passport required.

Available at grocery retailers and online.


The Original Rainbow Cone

Rainbow Cone

Open since 1926, The Original Rainbow Cone is a Chicago classic that serves ice cream featuring extraordinary flavors and textures, including the world-famous 5-flavor “Rainbow Cone,” sundaes, milkshakes, and memories dedicated to last forever.

Their signature cone has five delicious flavors: Chocolate, Strawberry, Palmer House, Pistachio, and Orange Sherbet that is sliced (not scooped) into one colorful cone.

In Chicago, stop by any of The Original Rainbow Cone locations or have it shipped directly to you. 


Alec’s Ice Cream

Alec's Ice Cream

Alec’s Ice Cream is the first and only regenerative-verified and USDA organic certified ice cream utilizing 100% A2 dairy. Unlike A1 dairy which accounts for the majority of the dairy on the market, A2 dairy is the original milk protein that has been known to lead to easier digestion. The product is manufactured in Northern California. The brand currently offers six creamy, high-quality, and nostalgic flavors – Tahitian Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Salted Caramel Latte, Honey Blueberry Lavender, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Matcha Chocolate Chip.

In honor of National Ice Cream Month, Alec’s will be donating a portion of sales of every 6-pint pack sold through their website to Kiss The Ground – a California-based 501(c)(3) environmental non-profit educating people about our ability to regenerate land and reverse climate change through rebuilding healthy soil – for purchases made from 7/1 through 7/31. For added incentive, all customers who purchase the 6-pint pack will be automatically entered into a raffle to win a year’s supply of Alec’s Ice Cream, which will be announced on Friday, August 5th.

Find it in an Alec’s Ice Cream shop or online


McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams

McConnell's Ice Cream

McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams was founded in 1949, in Santa Barbara, California, by husband and wife, Gordon “Mac” and Ernesteen McConnell. Having owned health food stores in the 1930’s, Mac was inspired by a bowl of vanilla ice cream for his next business venture.

McConnell’s ice cream recipe was created using no fillers, stabilizers and preservatives. In addition, they would be using Central Coast farms and purveyors for their bounty of year ‘round and seasonal ingredients, including local grass-grazed milk & cream, fruit, nuts and produce. 

In 2012, McConnell’s transitioned to its third generation of family ownership when Santa Barbara husband and wife, Michael Palmer and Eva Ein – he’s a winemaker, she’s a chef/restaurateur – took the reins. Three generations in, the ice cream company TIME Magazine called “the best in the world”, operates according to the same standards Mac and Ernie established almost 70 years ago.

With 30 flavors including Diary-Free varieties, there is a scoop for everyone. Find McConnell’s Ice Cream locations or online to purchase. 


Jenis ice cream in the pool

Jeni’s Ice Cream recently launched the “At The Pool” Collection that will inspire you to grab your swimsuit, beach towel and sunglasses.  The five-flavor new Bombastix Sundae Cone elevates the simple old-fashioned vanilla cone with double vanilla cream complete with chocolate coated waffle cone pieces and fudge swirls. Another newbie, Butterscotch Popcorn is a sun-popped popcorn ice cream with a butterscotch crunch for a kettle corn flavor that tastes as sweet as that evening summertime light feels.  

And returning for the summer season — Watermelon Taffy – a creamy, tart candied watermelon delight, Golden Nectar – a blend of spices that taste like a chilled summer chai with cracked caramel, and Lemon Bar – a punchy vegan lemon curd with shortbread crust and rich coconut cream.  

Find Jeni’s Ice Cream scoop shops here, in your local grocery store or online


Madison Brown Ice Cream

Madison Brown Ice Cream mint chip
Ice cream can mean a lot of different things but at Madison Brown it stands for family, friends, and community. Over the years, the Brown family has enjoyed countless ice cream trips which still serve as some of their fondest memories. With so many wonderful experiences, they wondered how they could continue to share their passion with those they love most, and thus Madison Brown was born.
Named after one of the Brown family members, they began to make flavors the same way they made memories – over time and together. Each adding their insights and tasting endless combinations, they landed on six trademark flavors that ensured the classics were perfect with little personalized touches throughout each pint.
Find Madison Brown Ice Cream on their website or at

Salt & Straw Ice Cream

Salt and Straw Ice CreamSalt & Straw Ice Cream is a Portland-based, family-run ice cream company that was founded in 2011 by cousins Kim & Tyler Malek. Salt & Straw makes unbelievably delicious ice creams that tell the narrative of artisans, meaningful food movements and important social causes.

The company creates unique menus that rotate monthly featuring ice cream that is crafted with unthinkable care and designs a generous store experience that’s personalized and welcoming. The debut Salt & Straw Cookbook was released in April 2019.

Salt & Straw presently has 28 shops within OR, WA, CA and FL, plus an online channel shipping ice cream nationwide. 

Find Salt & Straw in their scoop shops or online for nationwide delivery. 


Serendipity Ice Cream 

Serendipity hot choc ice cream

Serendipity Ice Cream is the product of a wonderland of bold and beloved ice cream flavors conceptualized in the heart of New York City. Known for its over-the-top and iconic flavors, their ice cream is unique in that it’s a sundae in a pint. The super-premium, ultra-creamy ice cream contains pieces, chunks and swirls of incredible add-ins that make it stand out from the competition. Flavors include Birthday Cake, Forbidden Broadway Sundae, Cookies and Cream Remix, Humble Pie, Friends Central Perk Coffee Almond Fudge, Frrrozen Hot Chocolate, Strawberry Fields Sundae and Unicorn Bliss Sundae.

In addition to being a bold ice cream line, Serendipity is making a delicious difference through their ice cream flavors. The brand has teamed up with their Co-Owner, Selena Gomez, to place a focus on mental health education through their partnership with the Rare Impact Fund, where every pint purchase will result in 1% of sales towards Gomez’s fund.

Find Serendipity Ice Cream online or at local stores


NadaMoo! Ice Cream


NadaMoo! ice cream is made with coconut milk and packed with nutrients and antioxidants that you can’t find in other pints. This go-to vegan ice cream brand offers classic flavors like Organic Chocolate, Organic Vanilla and Organic Mint Chip, as well as new options like Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and S’mores.

Find NadaMoo! in select local stores as well as online.  a variety of other grocery stores. You can also order NadaMoo! Online at 


Skinny Syrups
Skinny Syrups for Ice Cream

Dress up your ice cream with this delicious assortment of the newest Skinny Syrups. In the gift box are Caramel Fudge Waffle Cone, Birthday Cake, and Cookie Dough. Made with Sucralose, the Skinny Syrups are a guilt-free flavor to add to coffees, lattes, protein shakes, smoothies, baking, oatmeal or just about anything.  

In addition, they are:

  • 0 Calories, 0 Sugar, and 0 Carbs
  • Gluten Free & Kosher 
  • Keto-Friendly 
  • Made in the USA

Find Skinny Syrups on Amazon or the Skinny Mixes website


The Bear & The Rat (


Now, we can’t leave our furry friends out of this delicious month of frozen treats. Thanks to the The Bear and The Rat, there are goodies just for our four legged family members.

The Bear is a Lhasa Apso who growls like a bear. The Rat is a Rat Terrier. They make cool treats for dogs! The frozen yogurt dog treats have a daily serving of prebiotics and four plant-based digestive enzymes. The prebiotics grow the pet’s native bacteria for healthy stools, less gas and the digestive enzymes help them absorb their food to the fullest!

Found in 4-packs with flavors like Bacon & Peanut Butter and Banana & Peanut Butter. There is even a goat’s milk line and Pumpkin & Cinnamon that’s only available in independent pet stores.

Find the 4 packs on the website or your local retailer

Dog eating frozen yogurt




  • Monica Simpson says:

    I think it’s funny I keep saying I’ve been so addicted to ice cream lately. I had no idea July was National Ice Cream month. Give me all the chocolate and caramel options!

    • Inspiring Kitchen says:

      Somehow summer and ice cream are a natural fit. At least in my eyes! So many choices for you in this list. For caramel, try the Alec’s Ice Cream Salted Caramel Latte. You will thank me later.

  • bella says:

    omg yumm so much good ice cream! I love salt and straw! its my fav

  • Jennifer says:

    Totally craving ice cream now. Have to check out the brands as some are new to me. Our family loves fruit so that combination of fruit and ice cream sounds like where we will start. Thanks for tip!

  • Sharon says:

    I have to say that National Ice Cream Month is my favorite month to celebrate! I love ice cream so much, that I cannot begin to choose just one flavor that I love so I try as many new ones as I can during the month.

    • Inspiring Kitchen says:

      I am with you! The creativity of flavors is incredible. But I do love a really good vanilla! Thanks for sharing!

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