Kitchen Organization with ShelfGenie Custom Shelves: Installation Day

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  • January 26, 2022
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The day I have been eagerly waiting for is here!  ShelfGenie installation time. As I mentioned in Part 1 of my kitchen’s small renovation project, I discovered a solution to my cabinet organization challenges when I learned about ShelfGenie at a home design conference. 

ShelfGenie is a national organization with local outlets that provide custom shelving and design ideas to help improve the way your home functions. This could be in your kitchen, pantry, bathroom, laundry room or office. Working in the housewares industry, loving to cook and entertain friends and family but having limited storage means everything I have is stacked on top of each other.  No such thing as a quick grab for a pan or serving tray. Everything needs to come out so I can get what I need. Exactly why I am so excited for today’s ShelfGenie installation!

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Once all design details were confirmed, we scheduled the ShelfGenie installation. The wait time was approximately 4-6 weeks. Given how busy the remodeling industry and ability to source materials has been, this was reasonable to me for custom-made items.

What ended up being therapeutic was preparing my cabinets for the shelves. As organized as I think I am, when your cabinets are a big black hole, you find things you didn’t know you had that should be donated or thrown out. 

Installation Day

The date for installation was planned in advance. On the big day, communication with arrival time and any other details was by text. It was a very efficient system which showed respect for my time.  When the installer arrived, he was meticulous with his set-up. He protected the hardwood floors with thick pads immediately.

shelfgenie floor protection

He was also extremely organized. Every piece needed to properly install the drawers was in his tool kit.

shelfgenie toolkit

Even the end of project details were thought of when he brought out his vacuum to do a final clean up. Customer satisfaction is so important to ShelfGenie!

shelfgenie vacuuming

You know that adage of measure twice, cut once? Well, he did that when it came to drilling into the cabinetry.

shelfgenie measuring

We talked about how I was going to use the pantry drawers in terms of what kinds of items I would have in there. If bottles or cereal boxes, we wanted to make sure that the drawers – there would be two in the pantry cabinet – are spaced far enough apart. This would assure us that the oil and vinegar bottles had plenty of clearance to the top drawer.

vegetable oil bottle height shelfgenie

The cabinet right under the stove is for cookware. But it also has the gas line that sticks out from the back of the cabinet. What that meant was when the measurement was being taken for the drawers themselves, accommodation for where the drawer had to stop was carefully planned. Now, that is a custom-made drawer! At installation, positioning where the rails would go so the drawer had the clearance it needed was tested. The installer was meticulous here as we wanted to have no concern over the gas tubing.

shelfgenie cabinet gasline

Once the drawers were in, I was shown how to use the drawer dividers. Genius little accessory. Here you can store items that might topple over without a steady base. Or use it to keep all your spices organized and easy to identify. Line your canned goods in rows. So many purposes for these gems!

shelfgenie drawer dividers

It was so impressive to see the drawer just glide without any shaking of the drawer mechanics or struggle under the stack of cookware.  

shelfgenie cookware

Key factors to consider on ShelfGenie installation day:

  • Gas line – The drawer was designed to stop in advance of the gas line. So there would be no chance that the gas tubing would be hit or obstructed by the drawer.
  • Drawer height flexibility – When installing the drawers in the pantry cabinet, the installer made sure to leave room in the drawer for the tallest item (bottle of oil). That way, it would be standing up.
  • Under the sink – There are a number of options for putting in drawers under a sink whether bathroom or kitchen to accommodate the sink, pipes and disposal. The option I chose has two drawers that pull out independently of each other.
  • In larger bottom cabinets, it’s possible to have multiple drawers installed. What you need to consider is what you will store there to make sure you have room.


The ShelfGenie customer is:

  • Anyone who is looking for a way to organize their cabinets whether in the kitchen, laundry room, pantry, bathroom or office.
  • You have kitchen cabinets that either have no shelves at all or a quarter shelf.
  • You have trouble reaching the back of deep cabinets. Having a drawer will bring items into easy grasp.
  • Hidden corners or spaces that are unused.
  • You or someone you care for is in a wheelchair and needs to be able to access items in a cabinet or pantry.
  • You have little storage space and need to make the most of what cabinetry you have. Working around pipes, disposals and gas lines is easy to accommodate so you gain every ounce of space possible.
  • Faux drawer fronts can potentially be made into useful spaces for storage.
  • You have downsized and need more functional space.
  • If you have difficulty reaching or bending to lift an item. 
  • It is important to you to support a local, small business.  


ShelfGenie takes great pride in the quality and workmanship of every aspect of the customer’s experience with their brand. They are looking for a long term relationship with you where you share your confidence in them to your friends and family. The exact reason why their warranties are so valuable. Depending on the series you choose (Basic, Classic, or Designer), your warranty will be either THREE years on parts and installation OR a LIFETIME on parts and installation.  That is so impressive to me. 

ShelfGenie offers a free Design Consultation where you can learn what options are available to you. They will get a look at your space and what your pain points are. Then the Designer will create a three dimensional layout that offers you solutions to the goals you have for your space. There is NO CHARGE for this meeting and deliverable. It is totally worth your time to see how these experts can make your home the most organized and efficient as possible.

One of my favorite takeaways from my experience is that while this is not a major kitchen renovation, the outcome will feel like it is. Ultimately, it will help you to enjoy your space so much more because you can store and find the items you are looking for easily and efficiently.  YOUR kitchen has become customized for YOUR needs. 

For more details and to schedule a design consultation, please contact ShelfGenie. They will create a custom home solution that will exceed your expectations and put everything within reach.  

To learn more about my experience with ShelfGenie as we designed my kitchen, please visit my introductory post. 



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