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  • July 23, 2014

My house is in a constant state of remodel. How about yours? Every time I am flipping through a magazine that has beautiful kitchen photos, my wish list for my own kitchen gets bigger. As someone who love to cook, appreciates quality products and enjoys entertaining, a fully functioning (and of course, elegantly designed) kitchen is a must. Appliances are key from a cooking perspective. 

 Pirch kitchen Miele coffee heaven Pirch

So what a great surprise to be in Chicago’s Oak Brook mall and discover a store called Pirch that actually showcases full kitchen and bathroom vignettes for us to look at, touch, and envision the whole display in our homes. Trust me, you are going to want to do that once you see these spaces!

 bath tub

Usually what happens when you go to research a remodel is you have to wander from store to store before you get all the pieces for your kitchen. Pirch offers a very different approach than what I have experienced before. What you will see here is a complete kitchen from cabinetry to appliances to sinks to counters to decor and so on that give you that experiential feeling of being in a working kitchen.

gallery-3-646x463 gallery-4-646x463 


That means that you can turn the faucets on to see how the arched gooseneck faucet works and if it will spray only in your sink or all over the counter. Same goes for their bathroom vignettes. The amazing shower head systems can be tested so it is not just the associates word on what you will experience once you get it installed in your own home. Some brands you might see in their bathroom displays include Kohler, Toto, Watermark, Waterworks and many others. 

 shower head

While the store does have this kitchen set up for you already, you are able to go to the cooktop/range area, for example, and choose from the vast assortment of high end brands that they carry should you like the kitchen design but prefer another brand of appliance. You will find such brands as Jenn-Air, Miele, Wolf, Thermador, Sub-Zero and Dacor among many others. 

sub zero fridge 

What I also learned that I find to be a very positive focus on customer service is that Pirch does all the installation themselves. No third party contractor who only knows their specific product and doesn’t get the impact their work will have on the other parts of the kitchen. It’s a true focus on responsibility and alignment with the customer from my perspective. Added bonus, when they install the appliances for you, they add a year’s warranty for no charge. Impressive. They are that confident in the products they represent, sell and install. That’s reassuring.

 gallery-6-646x463 gallery-5-646x463

Pirch is a California-based company that recently opened in the Chicago area. As you approach the doors of the store you see “Live Joyfully” above the entranceway. Until you enter the store itself, you don’t fully understand what you’re going to find inside. The inspirational quote is a theme you will find throughout the store. Even the title of the associates is a message on how this store thinks: Lifestyle Experience Adviser. This is an experiential shopping experience from the moment you enter the doors. You are not just looking at appliances. You are taking in the whole scene and potentially envisioning them in your own home. It’s interactive. And attention-grabbing.

quote over door

quote food is love “Food is love. Cooking is foreplay”   


 pirch saying “Now you know what pots and pans dream about”

As you enter the store, you are greeted by a smiling barista at the Bliss Café who offers you a custom-made hot or cold beverage of your choice. Depending on the time of day, you may also be able to watch cooking demonstrations by the store’s Chefs using Pirch’s equipment for the kitchen or outdoor cooking space.

bliss cafe


There is a lot to take in as you wander this creative space. As someone who loves design, appreciates quality and hopes for excellent customer service, I am enticed by what this store offers. If you are in remodel mode or just contemplating whether or not to take the leap, stop by Pirch at Oakbrook Mall. Wander around. Talk to the Lifestyle Experience Advisers and share your thoughts with us.






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