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  • June 23, 2015

With our crazy busy lives, finding ways to take care of our selves can sometimes be challenging. Over the last couple of years, there has been much talk about the benefits of juicing fruits and vegetables to add to or balance out our diets. Understanding which ingredients to use in the recipe for taste as well as to offer the health rewards we are seeking can be trial and error. Or, you can trust the experts. Since this is my first real foray into the juicing world, I decided to try a brand called Krisp, out of Newport Beach, California.

The history behind Krisp is really defined in their tagline: Fresh Living. Krisp was started by three women in California with the plan to use the best in organic foods to create products optimized for health. Utilizing nutritionists and chefs, they developed a line of nutritionally balanced gourmet juices designed to reboot our systems.

Inspiring Kitchen Krisp Juicing

As a brand, they offer a number of healthy living options that include:

  • DTOX
  • Juices
  • Smoothies
  • Bowls such as Cacao Bliss (acai, cacao, date, banana, almond butter, chocolate hemp milk. On top: granola, banana, raspberry, cacao nib, sliced almond)
  • Vegan Ice Cream
  • Nut and Seed Milks
  • Shots & Elixirs

Here are the three bottles I started with, along with Krisp’s definition of the benefits of each drink:

Super Mood – Energy/Libido/Mood-Enhancer

(beet, cucumber, apple, lemon, ginger)

Inspiring Kitchen Krisp Juicing

The vibrancy of the reddish, purple color is a true indication of the burst of flavor you get from your first sip of this juice. The freshness of the cucumber, lemon and ginger were the immediate flavors I tasted. This is an easy beverage to drink from just the taste let alone the energy you get.

Raise your spirits and boost your energy level with Super Mood. Get a caffeine boost without the crash with this combination of super foods such as spinach, beets, and carrots, which are filled with carotenoids, iron, and antioxidants. To top it all off, the betaine in beets act as an agent in the neural transmission of serotonin and dopamine and is known to act as a natural antidepressant.


Island Greens – Memory/Healing/Anti-Inflammatory

(cucumber, spinach, pineapple, apple, mint)

Inspiring Kitchen Krisp Juicing

The rich green color of this juice is the first thing you notice. The combined ingredients are designed to optimize brain function. The cucumber, mint and sweetness of the pineapple come through making this a delicious and refreshing beverage for when you are looking for a boost of mental energy. How many of you can use this around 3 in the afternoon after a long day at your desk???

This drink is designed to optimize brain function. This refreshing blend of cucumber, spinach, pineapple, apple, and mint is the perfect pick me up anytime of the day. Pineapples are abundant in vitamin C, which serves as a powerful anti-oxidant that boosts immunity, prevents hair loss, and brightens skin, and the anti-inflammatory enzyme bromelain, which helps boosts the healing power of vitamin C. Mint is essential for improving cognitive function, and improving the interaction between neurotransmitters in the brain, and spinach is high in vitamin E, which prevents cellular damage from occurring by fighting free radicals in the body.


Spicy Greens – – Bone Health/Lowers Cholesterol/Anti-Anxiety

(spinach, kale, cucumber, parsley, pear, lime, cilantro, jalapeno)

Inspiring Kitchen Krisp Juicing

The immediate sensation I got when trying this juice was spice. That subtle “kick” you think about when you try something with peppers in it. Then the coolness of the cucumber presents along with the other flavors. This is a real blend of ingredients after the jalapeno making this an appealing, rich-in-nutrition choice when you are having a tough day.

Grab a bottle of Spicy Greens the next time you need a quick escape from the pressures at work. This spicy and savory blend of cucumber, kale, parsley, pear, spinach, cilantro, jalapeno, and lime is packed with anti-oxidant powerhouses like spinach, kale, and parsley, and provides a myriad of other benefits as well. Jalapenos supply capsaicin, which has anti-bacterial, anti-carcinogenic, analgesic, and anti-diabetic properties, and also serves to reduce LDL-cholesterol levels in obese individuals. Jalapenos and cilantro are packed with potassium, and are also packed with magnesium, minerals like potassium, calcium, manganese, iron, and magnesium. Potassium promotes bone health, iron is essential for red blood cell production, manganese serves as an antioxidant enzyme, and magnesium, A.K.A “nature’s valium”, regulates blood pressure, treats migraines, and even cures psychological ailments such as stress, anxiety, and panic attacks. Lime is abundant in of vitamin C, B6, potassium, folate, flavonoids and the phytochemical, limonene, which has anti-cancer effects and helps increase the level of enzymes that detoxify carcinogens as well. Parsley and kale are both great sources of vitamin k.


If you live in the Newport Beach (California) area, you will be able to stop by Krisp’s retail location to enjoy the variety of options. For the rest of us beginning in mid to late summer, Krisp will be offering the opportunity to have their juice and Dtox beverages shipped right to your door. To learn more about their offerings, please visit www.krispfreshliving.com.


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