Is the Gotham Steel Ceramic Titanium Pan Really Non-Stick?

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  • January 26, 2017

You might have seen the late night commercials showing the red colored cookware claiming no butter or oil is needed and nothing will stick to the pan. Do you believe them? Are you curious? I am!

Is the Gotham Steel Ceramic Titanium Pan Really Non-Stick?Which is why I decided to try out the Gotham Steel Cookware myself. I want to see what happens when I make eggs like they did in their commercials. Do the eggs really slide out of the pan like the ads show? Curious minds want to know.

The other obvious benefit to not using oil and butter is that you are able to cook a little healthier. That will always be a good thing. If you like using those sprays, you know how difficult they are when it comes to cleaning the pan. A gummy residue is left behind from the alcohol in the spray. Yuck. So, using cookware that is naturally non-stick is intriguing.

Before I share my results, here are some details of the Gotham Steel aluminum cookware.

  • The pans do not contain PTFE, PFOA or PFOS ingredients.
  • The materials are a non-stick ceramic with super strong titanium.
  • Oven safe to 500 degrees.
  • No oil or butter needed.
  • Dishwasher safe.

I decided that the first thing to make was eggs. I wanted to scramble them in the pan with a METAL whisk to see what happened to the pan. Nothing. No scratches. Looked no different at all. Wow. Typically when I make eggs, I will use a little bit of butter to just coat the surface of the NON-STICK pan. In the Gotham Steel fry pan, I used nothing. Scrambled the eggs and watched as they cooked without sticking. Impressive.

Is the Gotham Steel Ceramic Titanium Pan Really Non-Stick?

Have you ever wanted a dessert that didn’t make you feel totally guilty? A little sweet treat to end the night. Well, I have been making these cinnamon sugar apple slices which taste a bit like the inside of an apple pie minus all the calories. Normally when I make this, I use butter in a non-stick pan so the sugar doesn’t make a total mess and harden on the pan. But, today, I made it in the Gotham Steel Ceramic Titanium pan and it turned out awesome!

Is the Gotham Steel Ceramic Titanium Pan Really Non-Stick?

I deliberately burned the sugar to see what the cleanup process was going to be. I anticipated having to spend time scraping the burned sugar off the pan like I do in my non-stick pan. Surprise. That wasn’t necessary.

The clean up process is just as they advertise. Once the pan has cooled down, use a paper towel. For the eggs, it was effortless. For the sugar mess, I actually put a couple tablespoons of water in the pan and swirled it around. Then took the paper towel and magically, it was back to new. Zero scrubbing needed.

A couple tips for you:

  • The handle does get hot when using a pan on the cooktop. It will obviously be hot coming out of the oven. Have a mitt nearby regardless.
  • The power of your cooktop makes a difference. I almost always cook on low to medium heat as even the small burner on my cooktop gets very hot. It would make it very easy to burn things in any pan. Start on low heat to pre-heat your pan before cooking anything. 

If you are looking for non-stick cookware, I would recommend checking out this Gotham Steel Ceramic Titanium line. You will find quite the variety of pan sizes and shapes depending on your cooking needs. Pricing is extremely reasonable as they start at $19.99 for a fry pan. This would be a nice addition to your cookware collection with the bonus that whomever does the clean up will be thanking you for making their job easier!

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