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  • December 28, 2015

I admire people who see a need for a product or service and make it happen. Especially when we are talking martinis! That is exactly what Vitani’s founders, Eric and Jackie Gichner, did four years ago when they created craft martinis in a ready-to-go design.

After meeting with Jackie to hear what inspired her to launch this brand as well as what she and Eric wanted consumers to know about Vitani martinis, I left with the following insight. It really all started very simply. Jackie’s go to drink is a Dirty Martini. Making them at home just didn’t happen due to (in)convenience and taste. Wanting to be able to have her favorite cocktail at home, the Vitani brand was born.

A purposeful decision was made to only use premium vodka. Something you will notice when you try any of the martinis. And there are NO preservatives in any of the varieties! There are 5 different flavor combinations. One for your every taste and mood. Single serve aluminum bottles that are ideal for picnics, outdoor venues, and boating to name a few. Really though, how perfect would these be at bridal showers, bachelorette parties and as hostess gifts? As a business traveler, this would be exactly what I would want after a long day of work and relaxing in my hotel room. Suddenly that mini-bar has a ready made option just for me.

Inspiring Kitchen Vitani Martinis

Here are more details about the martini varieties:

We know that Jackie’s favorite is the Dirty Martini – premium vodka infused with real olive brine.

Any Sex and The City Fans? You may remember the girls’ drink of choice: The Cosmo Martini. The Vitani Cosmo is premium vodka infused with natural cranberry, orange and triple sec.

The Innovation Series offers a Citrus-Ginger Martini made with premium vodka infused with natural ginger, lemon and lime.

Or the refreshing Cucumber Martini made with premium vodka infused with natural cucumber.

And finally, the Elderpear Martini offering premium vodka infused with natural pear, honey and elderflower. Light, sweet and enjoyable to drink.

The beauty of the aluminum bottles is, first, they won’t break en-route to our party. And second, knowing we want a chilled martini, they are the perfect bottle to hold that coldness until we are ready to enjoy our cocktail. So, gather your friends together, find a crackling fireplace to cozy up too and choose your favorite Vitani Martini to celebrate the start of a new year.

Inspiring Kitchen Vitani Martinis

Vitani is working to bring their delicious and celebratory cocktails to markets near you. Keep an eye out for these flavorful martinis. You can visit Vitani’s website to find a location near you.

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