How to Remodel a Kitchen

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  • July 01, 2015

Do you ever look around your house and in your head, you’re thinking about all the projects that you want to do when you have the time, money, ideas, right contractors and materials? I do this all the time! All of these different factors come into play when it comes to doing any kind of construction.

While I love to remodel rooms or spaces in my home, I have many a time taken on too much myself in the form of a DIY project. I soon learn there is a reason that people are professionally trained! I have a secret solution though in the form of an excel spreadsheet of talented professionals like electricians, plumbers and painters that I have used myself or others have referred to me. I also stop by home improvement stores that not only sell products but have associates that want to teach you the skills you will need to accomplish your goals. Awesome, isn’t it?!

Ideally though, if you’re like me, you wish you had an interior designer to help you with these projects. To walk you through the different steps that need to be done and tell you that while your ideas are great, here’s another way to look at the wall space, lighting or paint and on and on.

Well, Inspiring Kitchen is excited to share that we are now collaborating with Jack Ovadia, the owner of an award winning architectural interior design studio with offices in both NY and LA. Our goal is to provide you with ideas, tips and techniques for when you are ready to actually take your remodel plans out of your head and put them in to action.

 Kitchen How to remodel a kitchen(Photo courtesy of Ovadia Design)

Over the course of the next few months Jack and Inspiring Kitchen will be covering such topics as:

  • How do you go about hiring an interior designer?
  • What is a reasonable budget for a kitchen remodel?
  • How do you choose among the different types of tile that are available?
  • What flooring suggestions do you have for a kitchen?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of countertop materials?
  • Do you have suggestions for making the most of the space available in your kitchen? Ie. Small vs. large kitchens; storage ideas
  • What’s the best placement of lighting for my kitchen? Under cabinet? Recessed? Pendant?
  • What are the latest trends you are seeing in the industry for homeowners?
  • And so much more.

In fact, we really want to answer your questions, too. At any point over the course of the months we will be sharing information with you, we welcome any questions or concerns you might have no matter the size of the project.

Personally, my favorite part of reading about remodel projects is to see the before and after photos. We will have plenty of those for you to admire as I know how much that influences your ideas for your own home.  So that you have a really good understanding of Jack’s talents and his expertise in the design industry, please enjoy the following Q&A session:


 Kitchen How to do a kitchen remodel(Photo courtesy of Ovadia Design and Pleasant Kitchens)


Inspiring Kitchen:

Jack, can you tell me a little about your background and history in the design space?


Initially, I started as an architect and then moved into interior design. I do both residential and commercial design which, when it comes to kitchens especially, are very different.

Ovadia Design Group (ODG)  is an award-winning Architectural Interior Design Studio. We bring a personalized and artistic touch to every project we work on. Which is why our clients love us and why they keep coming back. 

We are best known for creating interiors that exude the highest level of decorative excellence. We focus on designing environments that are self-expressed to every clientʼs specific style and needs. Whether it be residential homes, luxury apartments, offices, or retail stores, ODG aims to give our clients a stress-free experience. 

ODG was built on the premise that designing should be expressive, innovative, and most importantly a pressure-free experience. By incorporating classic, custom and contemporary components into our work, we fashion environments that are harmonious and timeless.

Some examples of the services we provide include selection of colors, materials, finishes, fabrics, furniture, lighting, custom artwork and accessories, every aspect of the job is handled completely and presented to the customer for approval.

Inspiring Kitchen:

Do you have a favorite design style? (ie. modern, eclectic, traditional)


I would describe my style as modern/contemporary and pride myself on being able to meld my aesthetic with a client’s individual taste. My favorite rooms to design are kitchens and bathrooms. They are the most interesting because there are so many different materials and elements to potentially incorporate. I also love the challenge of making primarily functional rooms beautiful and striking.

Inspiring Kitchen:

This next question is the most intimidating one. Is there a way to estimate a reasonable budget for a kitchen remodel? Does the home’s value play a part in this decision? Is there a percentage we should use to figure this out?


I would like to spend 10-15% of a house’s cost on the kitchen. A midrange to expensive kitchen can run from $80,000  up to $300,000.

Inspiring Kitchen:

What is the typical time frame for a remodel?


12-16 Weeks.

Inspiring Kitchen:

Where do we start when we talk about a remodel?


The first question I ask is if my client wants an opened or closed kitchen. The second is do you want a dinette in the kitchen or separated. And finally, I try to get a food feel for the client’s lifestyle: how often are you cooking, for how many people, do you want the kitchen to be a gathering place, etc. For me, the ideal kitchen is 20×20.

Inspiring Kitchen:

When it comes to designing the shape of the kitchen, it was once thought that a triangle workspace is ideal for appliance placement. Still true?


The triangle workspace is still true! Ideal shape is a v-shape with a center island.

Inspiring Kitchen:

Thanks, Jack, for answering my questions. We appreciate getting to know you a little better. To learn more about Jack and Ovadia Design Group, please visit


Going forward, we will begin our education on the different aspects of doing a kitchen remodel by posting on the first of each month. This will be an ongoing dialogue about a wide variety of topics all related to the design, materials, trends and tips for implementing a kitchen remodel. As I mentioned earlier, we welcome your questions and comments along the way.

To complete our introduction to Ovadia Design Group, here are some examples of the beautiful work that Jack has done over the years.

Inspiring Kitchen How to remodel a kitchen

(Photo courtesy of Ovadia Design)

 Kitchen How to remodel a kitchen

(Photo courtesy of Ovadia Design and Pleasant Kitchens)

Watch for our next kitchen remodel post on August 1. Here’s to building YOUR Inspiring Kitchen!

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