Help: My KitchenAid Bowl is Stuck in the Mixer

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  • January 02, 2018
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Help: my KitchenAid bowl is stuck in the mixer – Two tricks to release your mixing bowl from the base of your KitchenAid mixer.

I created Inspiring Kitchen as a means of sharing my favorite finds and to showcase trends in the housewares and design industries. After three years of fun experiences, foods, restaurants, recipes and travel excursions, I have a new one for you. Working in the kitchen creating recipes doesn’t always mean that everything will go right. I am not even talking about the recipe here! I’m referring to a piece of equipment that I usually love and consider to be one of my important kitchen tools. My KitchenAid MixerHelp: My KitchenAid Bowl is Stuck in the Mixer

As I was cleaning up after developing some recipes today, I discovered that I could not remove the bowl from the mixer base. It was totally stuck. No movement what-so-ever.Help: My KitchenAid Bowl is Stuck in the Mixer

I had no idea what to do! But after some research – Google, you are my forever friend! – I learned that I could try the following techniques before reaching out to KitchenAid customer service

  1. If the mixer has been on for awhile, the bowl can tighten from the energy coming from the momentum of the paddle itself. So, take a warm, wet towel and wrap it around the base of the bowl. Let it sit there for about 10 minutes. See if you can push down on bowl to wiggle it a little. If that doesn’t work, then try option 2.

2. Using mineral oil, WD-40 or a spray oil like PAM, spray the grooves where the bowl glides in to. Try pushing down on the bowl again to see if you can turn the bowl at all. Note: you don’t want to use food based oils like vegetable or olive as they will get very sticky and can be hard to clean once the bowl is removed.Help: My KitchenAid Bowl is Stuck in the Mixer

If the previous two don’t work for you, you can call KitchenAid customer service for additional assistance. 

Luckily, option 2 worked for me. Definitely a first for me to have this happen but I am very glad that I was able to “relatively” easily fix the situation. 

Hope my mini-crisis and solution is helpful to you should you encounter the same situation. And you are still my favorite mixer, KitchenAid! In fact, I need to get a new hand held mixer – a reminder as I dealt with this situation this afternoon. Anyone have one they would recommend?

Happy baking!



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