Get A Good Night's Sleep With Layla Mattress

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  • June 12, 2017
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So, how did you sleep last night? Do you feel rested? There is nothing like a good night’s sleep to make or break your day. And if you have a bad back, you will totally know that having a good mattress makes a huge difference in how you feel the next day.

In my search for a new mattress, I learned about the Layla Mattress while surfing the web. It initially stood out to me because of the high ratings it received from reviewers.

Note: At the bottom of this post are some of the comments that were left that I could relate too personally. 

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As I focused my attention on this brand, I realized that there is a new way to shop for a mattress in 2017. And it is so much more convenient! You order it online and it is direct shipped to your house. Easy! And Free! With quick delivery of just 2-3 days.


The more I read about buying a mattress, the more I realized that there are a number of different criteria that are important to consider before making that purchase:

Where is it made?

What is the mattress made of?

Firmness options



As I evaluated the Layla mattress, I found several factors that resonated with me:

A supportive option


Do you like to sleep on a soft or firm mattress? Isn’t that just the hardest thing to figure out when you go to a mattress store and uncomfortably lie on a mattress, turning side to side to see if it is “the one”?  Instead of having to choose one mattress that is one or the other, this mattress actually offers you both options. This way, you get to try both the soft or firm side of the mattress in your own bedroom to see which one you sleep best on.

The mattress itself is made up of three layers of foam that are designed for specific purposes. Made of copper infused memory foam layers with the soft side having a depth of three inches and the firm side being an inch in depth. In the center of the mattress is six inches of convoluted base foam. The base foam provides great airflow while giving long lasting support.

In addition to these benefits, if  you share your bed with a partner who tosses and turns all night long, the Layla mattresses will prevent that energy transfer giving you a good night’s rest. 


Sleeping Cool


This is an interesting addition to a mattress. I have heard of copper’s benefits for joint pain and stiffness. Especially intriguing when you have a bad back. Research has shown it is also good for those who have rheumatoid arthritis. In addition to these positive benefits, copper is believed to improve blood circulation in our bodies making for a more restful sleep.


Now, we know that the best sleep comes from a cooler space. Those hot summer days make sleeping ultra challenging as you toss and turn to find a cool spot on the bed. Some mattresses capture and hold on to body heat. With copper infused into the memory foam, the mattress will decrease the heat retention, making sleeping that much more comfortable. If you share the bed with a partner, this is a bonus solution!

When you look at a Layla mattress, you will see a hexagonal patterned cover to the mattress. There is a purpose for it beyond just protecting the mattress itself. Layla mattresses have another cooling solution that is in an unlikely but logical place when you stop to think about it. The typical mattress pad that we have on our beds is just going to retain heat. Realizing this, Layla created a thermo-gel infused cover to work with the copper infused memory foam to keep the bed cool.

Try it before you buy it


Buying a mattress can be an unknown as you need to actually sleep on it, not just lie on it in a store. So, you need many nights to get used to the new mattress. That’s where the fabulous offer comes from with this company.


Layla encourages you to sleep on the mattress for up to 120 days. That’s four months! If for some reason, you don’t love the mattress, they will refund your money. And will generously pick up and donate the mattress to a charitable organization in your area. The message I take away from this offer is they are THAT confident in the quality and comfort of their mattresses to believe you will not want to give it up.


Confidence in the product

Lifetime Warranty:

What I know firsthand working for a luxury brand in the housewares world is that when a brand offers a lifetime warranty, they are very confident in the quality and workmanship of their products. Which is how Layla thinks about their mattresses and why they offer a lifetime warranty.


Layla mattresses are 100% made in the U.S. and of only the highest quality foam and fabric. Their warranty as a result assures that the products will be free from defects in material and workmanship that may compromise sleep quality for the life of the product. As always, there are a few caveats if the mattress is not properly cared for.

Mattress sizes

Layla offers a mattress for almost any size bed you have including your child’s twin beds up to a California King. 

  • Twin
  • TwinXL
  • Queen
  • King
  • CA King

What does it cost?

Pricing for these mattresses is so fair and competitive. Made in America of high quality materials sounds like it would be expensive. It’s not! Pricing ranges from $499-$999 depending on the mattress size you need.  Some of the mattresses I have seen are well into the thousands of dollars!

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So, here’s my experience:

The more information I learned about this mattress, the more I wanted to try it out for myself. So, I ordered a queen size mattress. It arrived in just a few days. My friend came over to help me get the box up to the bedroom. 



Now, the challenge for us was that the bedroom is three flights up which meant we had to get the 80 pound box up the stairs. That was no match for two strong women! We strategized and realized we could flip the box UP the stairs going top to bottom. 

I had learned from my research that the mattress would be rolled in the box and then would expand once it was removed from the box.  

Once it was out of the box and in the bedframe, we had to remove the protective plastic wrapping. 


As you remove the plastic, there might be a smell that emanates from the mattress. It took about 24 hours to completely go away. Definitely not a big deal but you may smell it which is why I am mentioning it. 

Once it is on the bed, you will be able to see it expand to fit more completely into your bed frame size. Pretty cool to watch. 

Then you determine which firmness level you like. For my bad back, I like to have a firm mattress so chose that side. The mattress comes with the cover ready for the soft side to be up, so I just flipped the mattress and cover to the firm side and put my sheets on the bed. I was pretty interested to see how well this copper infused memory foam would feel on my back and if I would sleep through the night. 

Needless to say, I am sharing my favorite find because I slept great! Its been three weeks of feeling rested. And I am so thankful to Layla for their mattress innovation. My back thanks you too. 

If you are looking for a new mattress, I highly recommend you test out a Layla mattress. You literally have nothing to lose! 


Layla Mattress In A Nutshell:

  • One mattress offering both soft and firm sides
  • Copper infused memory foam
  • Sleep cool  
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Free shipping
  • Arrives in 2-3 days
  • 5 mattress sizes
  • Price ranges from $499-$999
  • Try the mattress for 120 days




With a five star review summary, Layla had a number of comments that I really appreciated reading as they applied to me as well:


  • “I do not remember the last time I slept all night without getting up, but I did last night!”


  • “Love how it molds to your body”


  • “We slept on one of your competitors more expensive mattresses for many years and this Layla mattress gives as good a nights rest at a fraction of the cost. It also sleeps cooler than the competitors mattress”. 


  • “I am a side sleeper and I do not wake up with sore hips and shoulders as I did with my old bed”.


 Ready for a good night’s sleep? Order your mattress here now.  

Use this code: SPRING60 for $60 off! 


Sweet dreams!


  • Thanks for putting this review together. I’ve been looking at a number of mattresses from all the online companies. Any idea how this compares to a Casper mattress? Would be great if you could do a comparison breakdown!

    • Inspiring Kitchen says:

      Aaron, thanks for your message and request. While I do not have a Casper mattress, my research concluded a few differences that mattered to me. 1) Layla offers a two sided mattress with soft and firm memory foam. You choose what feels best to you without having to buy another mattress 2) Layla offers a lifetime warranty. That’s telling from a brand perspective. They know their products are good. 3) Layla is memory foam and not latex. 4) Layla has copper infused in it which I appreciate. I hope these four differences help you. I would try the Layla mattress yourself as you get 120 days to see if it feels good to you. It’s a win win solution to buying a mattress. Plus free shipping. Use the coupon for additional savings. Thanks.

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