Summer Drinks: Zoku Slush & Ice Mold

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  • August 04, 2014

Summer is the time for icy cold beverages whether you are lounging at the pool, on your patio or in your home.  Leave it to the Zoku company to create inventive products that not only work but also help me to present my drinks in memorable ways. There are two products I am going to share with you today. Both can be used for adult’s or kid’s drinks. 

Remember slushes from when you were a kid? Usually they were made of sugary, colorful ingredients that just made you smile when you saw them. Well, Zoku has designed a way to make slushes of your own creation in your own home. And it is so simple! The Slush and Shake maker is just three components. The outside container which comes in numerous colors, the freezer cup and the scraper spoon. Directions are even simpler:


1) Put white inner cup in the freezer for about 8-10 hours. Tip:  I leave mine in there all the time. You just never know when you  are going to want an icy beverage! 

2) Remove from freezer, put white insert into colored shell. 

3) Pour your favorite beverage in cup up to fill line. 

4) Let it begin to cling to walls of cup before you slowly scrape down the sides with the plastic scraper. (about 2-3 minutes)  

5) And voila! Slush! 

6) Pour or scoop into your container of choice to enjoy. Note that if you eat it out of the freezer cup, (yes, I have done this!), keep scraping down the sides or it will get too frozen to scrape off.

Zoku has a recipe book full of delicious drinks to make if you run out of your own ideas. The list of possible slushes you can make are endless, really. The important thing to note though is that you must use a natural sugar in order for it to freeze. No diet anything works.

zoku cookbookorange slush_shop_2_large


Here are some of my ideas:

Fresh juices — orange is my favorite with nothing added to it.

Pomegranate Cherry juice

pomegranite slush

Chocolate milk

Root Beer Soda — again not diet


Coffee “frappe” a la Starbucks

Ice cream mixes  — makes an individual soft service cup  NOTE: Zoku has since come out with a homemade ice cream option but I improvised before this was on the market. 


How about adult beverages? Yep, tried those too. Here’s what works:


wine slush



Drinks with a liqueur of some kind: ie. White Russian, Lemoncello


Those are just my ideas. What are yours? The Zoku Slush and Shake  maker is under $20 and so much fun to use. I  know you, your friends and family will love it.  Plus it makes a great gift! Zoku Blue Slush and Shake Maker


And for my second summer find, Zoku’s Ice Ball Ice Sphere Mold. Zoku Ice Ball Ice Sphere Mold, Set of 2


The idea is to have one round, large ice ball that fits in your traditional bar glasses, pitcher or even punch bowl for a more decorative look. It is so easy to use. The mold snaps together in the middle. At the top, you will see a small hole that you fill with water or whatever beverage you want to make the ice ball out of.  Then, since it is made of flexible silicone,  it is very easy to pop the now frozen ice ball out of the mold. The box comes with two molds that I just leave in my freezer. 

Remember that “ice” doesn’t have to be just made of water. If you make the ice ball out of the beverage you are drinking, it won’t dilute it. One of my favorite drinks is ice tea. So, I pour ice tea into the mold, freeze it and then use that sphere for my glass of tea. Keeps it cold without watering down the ice tea flavor. 

And since I am on the subject of ice tea. I thought I would share a recipe for an adult version of the summer drink known as the “Arnold Palmer” or half lemonade half ice tea. Only this time, it will have a little kick. 

The “Arnold Palmer” drink can be made with the tea of your preference. Usually, you would want a stronger tea, like black tea, as the lemonade adds some sweetness to it. But, instead of adding lemonade, use Limoncello. Have you had this lemony liqueur yet? If not, you should! I keep a bottle in the fridge as it is delicious on it’s own over ice, as a mixer or even as a part of a dessert (pour over ice cream or pound cake).   Very refreshing. 

limoncellofinal  ice tea lemonade


These were definitely fun products to experiment with. Try it yourself and let me know what you create.  Enjoy!



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