Dinner is Served: Marie Callenders Delights Panko Chicken

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  • December 20, 2017

Dinner is Served: Marie Callenders Delights Panko Chicken – Busy lives mean finding easy solutions to meals that are delicious and satisfying.


Conagra Brands sponsored this post, but the opinions are my own.

I don’t know about you but this time a year my to-do list gets longer and longer. From projects for work to family activities to getting ready for the holidays, life can feel pretty chaotic. Walking into the house after a full day of work when I am hungry can momentarily be stressful until I remember that I invited Marie Callender over for dinner. Dinner is Served: Marie Callenders Delights Panko ChickenOk. Not exactly. I discovered Marie Callender’s Delights dinners and Loaf desserts recently while shopping at Walmart. The Panko Herb Crusted Chicken with a Multigrain Medley had quinoa and vegetables like edamame and red peppers. Yum! The vegetables had a slight crunch to them which was appreciated (not mushy or overcooked) and the chicken was super flavorful.  Dinner is Served: Marie Callenders Delights Panko ChickenSo, now I can have dinner on the table in just a short amount of time and even have a sweet treat for dessert courtesy of Marie Callendar’s. Did you know they have 4 different kinds of Loaf cakes? 

  • Double Chocolate Cake
  • Banana Nut Cake
  • Pound Cake
  • Apple Loaf Cake

When I have guests over or am just looking for a cake that makes for a nice addition to our dinner, pound cakes are always a good choice. The opportunity to add flavors and color to the dessert makes it very customizable. I love serving fruit any time of year adjusting to what is the freshest in each season. Since I was able to find these big, fresh red strawberries, I just simply sliced them for presentation on the cake. If you wanted to use frozen strawberries (Tip: freeze summer fruits while they are ripe so you can enjoy them in the winter), is to put them in a saucepan on low heat, add a splash of orange juice and let them soften. Once you are able to stir them into a thick sauce, just pour over your pound cake. So delicious and easy! Dinner is Served: Marie Callenders Delights Panko ChickenWith all the holiday shopping that we all do this time year, any way to save a little on grocery shopping gets to be spent on those special people in our lives. There is an app called ibotta that is a great way to take advantage of store sales right from the app. No cutting coupons or searching through the newspaper. It’s all in one place. Just browse their vast assortment of stores and you will then see the offers available to you. Now, all you have to do is clip that virtual coupon for use in the store, snap a shot of your receipt and ibotta puts cash back in to your ibotta account!  In fact, there is a special offer at Walmart for Marie Callender’s Delights and Loaf Cakes on the ibotta app. This is the perfect way for you to see all the benefits of ibotta and get to try these dishes.

Now, I am off to wrap presents! Dinner is Served: Marie Callenders Delights Panko Chicken

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