Designing a new kitchen or remodeling your current kitchen is such an exciting idea. The anticipation of the gorgeous kitchen you will have to make your fabulous creations, entertain your guests, and cook for your family is energizing. However, when you actually begin the appliance research phase of the project, it can be a lot more intimidating than you first anticipated. It is with that in mind that I share my recent design education with you. In Monday’s post, I talked about Induction ranges, ventilation systems and double oven displays among other tips. Today, I am sharing a few more of my favorite finds from my Jenn-Air design conference experience.

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As I had mentioned previously, we had the benefit of having Jenn-Air brand experts and the World of Whirlpool Chef educate our group of interior designers on the products from both design and cooking perspectives. So, when it comes to thinking beyond dishwashers and ranges, having their knowledge to showcase the next items was a tremendous benefit.    



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6) My new interest: Steam Ovens. I am new to this type of cooking from an appliance perspective. So, my ears were open to the purpose and use of this oven. And I am hooked. I try to cook healthy and know that steaming food whether it is fish, meat, veggies and even desserts is a great method to allow for full flavor but lower calories and fat. What is fascinating to me is how you can even reheat food that has been in the fridge, dried out and now it tastes as good as the first time around just from using a steam oven. For example, think about that leftover pasta with the now crunchy edges. Maybe even better tasting because the flavors have had longer to mix and mingle a bit.

steam oven open straight on pic steam oven


If you are interested in Sous Vide (translation: cooking in a vacuum seal), this would be something for you to check out for defrosting your dishes as it brings the food to optimal temperature. There are so many different purposes for this type of cooking far beyond defrosting if you are unfamiliar.

Bread bakers would also love this oven as the steam gives a nice crispy crust leaving the interior soft.

You are able to cook multiple dishes at once in a steam oven without concern for the flavors intermingling. Shelving is built in the oven to give you this option.



As you design your kitchen, there are a few things to take into consideration. Steam ovens are smaller ovens and are probably not a replacement for your standard oven. However, if you are able to add a steam oven along with your single or double ovens, you should seriously consider the investment. Compared to a microwave, there are just two things you probably wouldn’t want to do in a steam oven that you can do in a microwave: make popcorn and warm your coffee. But, otherwise, this is a fabulous technology that is worth investigating for your own kitchen. See for more information


built in coffee machine built in coffee machine with pulled out pic 7) Anyone that knows me knows that I am a coffee fan. I drink multiple cups (if not pots) a day whether hot or iced. I have studied the different brands of coffee machines looking for products with quality interiors not just a pretty exterior. I fell for that once and learned my lesson! So, if you are fortunate to have space in your kitchen (or office or bedroom) to add a built in coffee/espresso machine, I highly recommend it. Jenn-Air’s built-in coffee machine is simple to use, grinds the beans for you, allows you to design a cup of coffee, espresso or cappucino that exceeds your expectations and is easy to clean. Win win if you ask me. For more information, see








8) The ability to choose a Jenn-Air refrigerator that fits your home’s needs is a function and design decision. What I particularly appreciated was the design features that allowed you to have doors that covered the mechanics at the top of the fridge so that aesthetically, it looked like one tall door that is in line with your cabinetry rather than a break for ventilation. The clean look of the kitchen is kept very simply here with these custom panels. For more information, see   




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If you have a contemporary home, you may find yourself wowed by Jenn-Air’s latest refrigerator called Obsidian. The interior of this machine is a matte, velvety black that has a small sparkle to it that is enhanced by the LED lighting. The goal of this color choice is to showcase the food like you have never seen before. Think art gallery and the color of the walls used to highlight the pieces you are viewing. Stunning. It will be arriving in Fall, 2014. But, here’s a sneak peak in the meantime:

 IMG_1601 IMG_1600

My experience at the World of Whirlpool design conference was fabulous from the brand education, cooking tips and techniques to the new colleagues I look forward to working with in the design space. Inspiring Kitchen was founded to guide homeowners on choosing the best suited kitchen products for their personal cooking styles. Hopefully, the information that I shared with you here will be advantageous for your next appliance purchase or kitchen remodel.

In the meantime, please share your email with us and you will be the first to know about the new trends and favorite finds that we uncover in the kitchen world. If you have any questions, please ask. Happy to share all I learned with you from both a brand and interior design standpoint. Inspiring Kitchen is here to help you accomplish your new kitchen build or remodel as smoothly and efficiently as possible.  We want you to love your kitchen as it is the heart of your home. 

If you have gone through a kitchen remodel, please share your kitchen design, remodel tips and pictures with Inspiring Kitchen. We are on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. We look forward to hearing from you.



As a side note, I wanted to share some pictures of the amazing meals we were served by the Chefs at the World of Whirlpool:

Vegetarian Portabella Dinner

Portabella mushroom, with gremolata, egg, potato, black truffle, and artichoke.

Vegetarian BBQ Tofu

Tofu with polenta, carrot, cherry compote and micro greens.

Halibut Scallop Pasta

Halibut + Scallop pappardelle pasta, brandade cream, gribiche, and nasturtium.

White Chocolate Dessert Mousse

White chocolate mousse with fruit salsa, meringue, ganache made by World of Whirlpool’s Chefs.

Chicken breast corn poblano

Chicken breast with corn, poblano, avocado, cucumber, tortilla and cumin.

Banana cookie with rum, walnut and ganache.

Banana cookie with rum, walnut and ganache.


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