Father’s Day Gift ideas

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  • June 10, 2014

Sunday, June 15, 2014 is Father’s Day. The list of Father’s Day gifts for Dad can literally go in all directions: sporting goods, clothing, electronics…..

Since Inspiring Kitchen is all about finding and recommending items for your kitchen, we thought we would offer our favorites.

1) Nespresso VertuoLine




Start his day off right….coffee! Whether your Dad’s preference is espresso or a traditional cup of coffee, this machine covers both bases. You may already be familiar with the Nespresso machines and know how good their coffee/espresso varieties are. What’s unique with this dual capability machine is each pod has a bar code on it identifying the brew style for the contents so each cup turns out rich and delicious. The finishing touch to your steaming cup is the VertuoLine’s ability to produce the perfect crema to complement your favorite coffee or espresso.

This machine makes brewing the perfect individual cup of coffee or espresso a breeze. Clean up is a snap. And Dad’s day of celebration is on!

You can find Nespresso at your local retailers as well as online. The VertuoLine starts at $299.


2) Grilling. The first place we can picture our Dad cooking for us as kids is standing outside grilling our hot dogs and hamburgers. Oh how grilling has advanced since that time! Below you will find a list of our favorite grilling tools and cooking products to choose from:


A) Grill gloves by Grill Heat Aid

bbq gloves

Grilling gloves that are able to withstand heat up to 662 degrees Fahrenheit. Great for the BBQ and the oven. This set of two kitchen gloves has a 100% cotton lining and silicone texturing to give you a strong grip on what you are holding. These gloves can be found on Amazon for $35 plus free shipping.


B) Seasonings and BBQ Sauces from Williams-Sonoma:

bbq sauces and seasoning

How many ways can we make chicken taste different? So many if you take advantage of the vast array of BBQ sauces and seasonings from this retailer. Here are just a few of my favorites that you can use on chicken, beef, pork, fish, potatoes and vegetables. And even make a dip out of the seasonings by mixing with sour cream! So easy!


BBQ Sauces: $12.95

Pale Ale BBQ Sauce combines three mustards and hoppy taste of pale ale from Southern Tier Brewing Company for a real Carolina-style sauce. Try with pulled pork or ribs.

KC Pils BBQ Sauce blends tomatoes, brown sugar and molasses with the smoky spiciness of ancho, pasilla, arbol and cayenne chiles, then enriches it with crisp KC Pils American Lager from Boulevard Brewing Company. Think ribs and grilled chicken.

Shiner Bock BBQ Sauce gets its rich flavor from ripe tomatoes, aged cayenne pepper mash, dried guajillo and smoky chipotle chilies, black pepper and roasted barley malt and light hoppiness of Texas’s own Shiner Bock beer. Use with brisket.

Bourbon and Black Pepper BBQ Sauce gets its smoky flavor from the charred oak barrels, black pepper, and spices paired with the sweetness from ketchup and brown sugar.

Jalapeno Peach BBQ Sauce is a pairing of ripe peaches with ketchup, brown sugar and mellow roasted garlic along with the spicy heat of jalapenos.

Note: if Dad likes HOT BBQ sauce, try the Ghost Chili Garlic Sauce. It’s spicy hot!


Seasonings:  $10.95

Potlatch is wonderful on salmon and other grilled fish to give a rich smoky flavor to the fish.

Smokehouse blend uses Mediterranean sea salt that’s been slow smoked over Pacific Northwest apple wood, balancing the blend with aromatic thyme and sage and a touch of sugar.

Steakhouse seasoning blends garlic and onion with Pacific sea salt, brown sugar, Worcestershire and peppery spices to create restaurant quality steaks at home.

Chili Lime is my favorite for its flavorful combination of New Mexican chilies, California cilantro, Turkish cumin, paprika, sea salt and lime.


C) Handle-Mount Grill Light — $39.99

grill light brookstone

This bright, weather resistant grill light lets you BBQ at  night. It has an adjustable aluminum clamp that attaches to most grill handles and lets you shine the light where you need it most. The bulbs are LED ad will last for a long time. There is even an auto shut off on the light. You can find this grill light at Brookstone in their stores or online.

3) Lodge Cast Iron 12 inch fry pan — $36

lodge 12 fry


The one piece of cookware that is inexpensive, lasts forever (traditionally passed down from generation to generation) and is used on the cooktop or grill. I wrote about this brand after meeting with them at the National Restaurant Association Show as they have launched a new heat-enhanced, seasoned cast iron line.  This means it can be put in the dishwasher without worry of any rust forming.

Lodge Cast Iron Nation Cookbook

A nice pairing with the skillet is Lodge’s new cookbook, Cast Iron Nation, as Dad will have many recipes to choose from that will please the whole family.


4) 8 Inch Chef Knife

shun classic chef 8

The hardest working knife in the kitchen. This is the Shun Classic 8 inch Chef knife made with VG-MAX steel. Hard steel designed to hold an edge for 2-3 years before needing to be sharpened. Pakkawood handles – no plastic for our Dads! Japanese-edge giving you 16 degree angle precision in slicing your beautifully grilled meats, fish and vegetables.  Damascus style patterning on the blades offering quick release of foods from the blade. Bonus is Shun’s policy of sharpening their knives in their Oregon U.S. offices at no cost to you, bringing the blades back to factory edge.

Shun can be found at Williams-Sonoma, Sur La Table, Crate and Barrel and many other national and local stores as well as online sources. Go in and test one of these amazing knives. You will be hooked on this brand as chopping and dicing was never this easy before. Just remember, these knives are razor sharp!

The Shun Classic 8 inch Chef’s knife is $139.95.


5) Bacon!


How excited would Dad be if he received this message on Father’s Day?

“Everything’s better with bacon! Congrats! You have been given a gift of the Zingerman’s Bacon Club. You’ll be receiving a package of daydream-inducing bacon delivered right to your door for months to come. Simply check your packing slip for all the particulars. Soon your whole house will be filled with the smell of bacon. Get those frying pans ready. Enjoy!”

The Bacon Club has been featured on The Best Thing I Ever Ate on the Food Network. Each shipment contains 12 to 16 ounces of artisan bacon, bacon stories, histories and recipes. There are two different options: three installments or six installments. Pricing is $99 or $189 respectfully. Check out their website to see the types of bacon offered in each installment.



6) Cooking Classes Gift Certificate

This is such a fun gift to give Dads who enjoy cooking as the variety of classes is extensive. Look around your city as you will find national and local retailers and cooking schools offering classes designed for all cooking subjects (French, Seafood, Butchery, Baking, Pasta, Knife Skills, etc.) as well as restaurants that have hands on classes that are relative to their theme. You will even find classes that are designed for adults and their kids to spend time together learning how to make a dish.

Local restaurant: BBQ at Chicago’s own Rubs Backcountry Smoke House that offers BBQ classes   http://www.backcountryq.com/

Cooking schools: Kendall College, Le Cordon Bleu

National retailers: Sur La Table, Williams-Sonoma

Local retailers: The Chopping Block, Marcel’s Culinary Experience


What are your favorite gifts to give or receive for Father’s Day? Share your ideas with us here or on Facebook at facebook.com/inspiringkitchen or tweet or instagram your cooking/kitchen gift to @kitchnwhisperer. We love hearing from you!


Happy Father’s Day!


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