Cleaning Made Easy Thanks to O'Cedar and bObi Pet

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  • September 13, 2016

The lovely part of spring and summer weather is the opportunity to have the windows open to bring in the fresh air. That, however, also brings in outside dust. For me, fresh air wins out over dust, which means having a way to clean the floors quickly and efficiently matters. So, in my efforts to find solutions to life’s everyday obstacles, I have discovered two great products that I think make cleaning your floors simple and convenient.

Cleaning made easy with the O’Cedar Easy Wring Spin Mop and the bObi Pet vacuum

The first is the O’Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop and Bucket System  that literally makes washing your floor effortless. Say goodbye to bending down and ringing out that mop!

cleaning with ease o'cedar mop inspiring kitchen

My other discovery is the answer to all the dust and mud that comes in with the changing of the season (well, aside from hiring someone else to clean your house). This solution, called bObi, is a programmable vacuum with a sleek circular design that operates on its own. This is 2016 after all, so why shouldn’t we be able to buy a robotic vacuum to clean our floors! See those grey strands at the top of the vacuum? Those get in the corners and along the baseboards so nothing is left behind. 

cleaning with ease bobi pet inspiring kitchen

I chose the bObi Pet model because it had all of the features I thought I needed for my home. It vacuums, sweeps, mops, filters, and disinfects the floor all at the same time. So, if you own a puppy that leaves you paw prints and fur all over your floors, bObi Pet is just what you need to clean up after your furry friend. Talk about handy! Plus, if you schedule the bObi to clean while you are at work, you come home to clean floors with no effort on your part. I like that option! Now if only it can cook me dinner and do the laundry, life would be perfect!!!! But I digress….

I videoed bObi Pet cleaning in my home to show just how smart this device is. Click the link here for the video.

As you saw in the video, the vacuum knows when to turn, where to stop before it falls down the stairs, and when it needs more battery power. You can just hit the “juice” button on the top of the machine and it will search for the charger and connect itself. So easy!

bobi pet cleaning made easy inspiring kitchen

It also is able to navigate under, around and between my furniture relatively easily. The first couple times I let bObi have her run of the house, I watched to get an idea of her pattern and potential obstacles. If you have dark colored carpet, bObi will stop and back up as if sensing she shouldn’t go there. I would suggest that you lift any cords off the ground where she will run as that may interfere with her sweeper. I had some funny moments when she went under the couch for a minute or so. As I was going to retrieve her, I saw her green light reflecting off the floor as she was barreling out from under the furniture. I am sure she found lots of dusty friends under there! By the way, the photo is blurry because she is motion cleaning the floor. 

bobi vacuum inspiring kitchen

There are many reasons to like these cleaning tools, of course. The best is that they help me keep my home clean with little effort on my part. A mop that wrings itself out and a robotic vacuum that has a remote and can be programmed to clean while I am gone or elsewhere in the house is a beautiful thing for my busy life. While I definitely like having a clean house, doing it can be a chore. But not with the O’Cedar Easy Wring Mop and Bucket and the bObi Pet vacuum. Check them out for yourself. I bet you are going to appreciate how they help you around the house too!

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