22 Father's Day Gift Ideas for the Dad Who Has Everything

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  • June 02, 2019

Who’s the most difficult person to buy gifts for in your family? DAD! No question. With Father’s Day fast approaching, I went searching for creative gift ideas for the man who rarely gives us hints of what he wants. Whether he is The Chef in your family, The Bartender at every party, always On The Go, or just needs some Well Rested time, here are 22 Father’s Day gift ideas that will make Dad happy.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

The ChefThe Chef kitchen tools and food

When Dad loves to cook or grill, everyone benefits!

1. MEATER+ is the world’s first truly wireless leave-in meat thermometer. Unlike any other product out there, MEATER+ is the only meat thermometer that stays inserted throughout the cooking process with absolutely no wires, allowing for use in an oven, on a grill or in a rotisserie. Simply insert the MEATER probe into the meat, pair with the app, set up the cook preference and wait for a notification when it is time to remove from the heat. MEATER+ is also equipped with Alexa capabilities allowing users to ask for status updates on their cook time. $99

2. Blue Apron Summer Cookout Box makes preparing dinner a snap for the busy Dad. Chef-designed dinners for 6-8 people that feature one main dish, three side dishes, and a dessert. The recipes are designed with ease in mind—and a focus on the grill. They offer everything he loves about summer grilling without any of the parts that causes him stress. Three dinner options are:

3. The Chef’s Press Weighted Cooking Tool 
This vented, weight-adjustable cooking tool was invented by Chef Bruce Hill in San Francisco. Originally designed for professional chefs, the Chef’s Press is an essential cooking tool in the kitchen and on the grill. The press, which comes in two sizes, acts as a spare hand to hold food down and reduces cooking time by 20 to 30%. Great for use on the grill.

4. Strauss Veal  Whether Dad is grilling outside or cooking indoors, using the best ingredients, including top of the line meat from Strauss Veal, makes all the difference.

Limited-time Father’s Day special includes

           (2) 10oz grass fed ribeye steaks 

    • Prepared from the Ribeye Roast, Strauss ribeye steaks are tender and flavorful. This cut has a fine grain and generous marbling. Also called Beauty Steak, Boneless Rib Steak, Delmonico Steak, Filet Steak, Market Steak or Spencer Steak. Each steak is wet aged for 30 days and is individually flash frozen and vacuum sealed for ultimate freshness. 

           (4) 10oz grass fed strip steaks

    • A favorite at steak houses, the Strip Steak has a light texture with a bit of a chew. The Strip Steak is minimally marbled, with a robust flavor. Our cuts come from beef raised with sustainable ranching practices on family farms in the USA. Also called New York Strip, Kansas City Strip, Top Loin, Ambassador Steak, Boneless Club Steak, Country Club Steak or Delmonico Steak. 100% American Grass-Fed and Grass-Finished. 

5. Marquette Castings designs cast iron cookware.

Whether Dad likes grilling outside or is a master chef in the kitchen, there’s no better cookware to use than high-quality cast iron pans. Marquette Castings makes the world’s first and only cast iron skillets using a special investment casting process that allows for lighter and smoother cast iron. These skillets will last for generations to come.

The skillets feature a drip-free rim for easy pouring of liquids, an ergonomic handle, extreme durability, are lightweight and easier to hold. The No. 10.5 Skillet is perfect for fast, easy and delicious one-pot meals. It’s the only pan Dad needs in the kitchen! The skillets come fully seasoned and ready to use right out of the box.

6. WUSTHOF knows knives. A good knife is everything in the kitchen.

WÜSTHOF blades are made in Solingen, Germany and can help dads to cook like a pro and perform countless kitchen tasks with ease, such as dicing vegetables, breaking down a tenderloin and cutting into savory proteins fresh off the grill. This CLASSIC Hollow Edge Craftsman 7-inch is the ultimate everyday knife for dad with a hybrid design combining the features of a chef’s knife, boning knife and carving knife, inspired by farm-to-table cooking.

7. Weber Grills are legendary to outdoor cooking enthusiasts. So is knowing that seasoning your dishes makes all the difference in the finished product. 

Weber Sauces & Seasonings offers mouthwatering marinades, expertly blended seasonings, original sauces and crowd-pleasing rubs that will help dads everywhere fire up the best-tasting grilled foods this summer. Additionally, Weber offers Weber Grill ‘N Spray, which is specifically designed to work with the heat of the grill, providing a non-stick, flavorful grilling experience. It is currently the only non-flammable grill spray on the market.

8. Every chef knows that Olive Oil is one of the key ingredients in the meal prep process. 

Bono is The James Beard Foundation’s exclusive house purveyor of extra virgin olive oil. Something we often skimp when splurging on ourselves, a high quality oil is an excellent gift for the home chef Dad who wants to indulge. Bono is a family-owned business in Sicily producing authentic extra virgin olive oils (EVOOs) created in one of the world’s best regions for the production of high-quality olive oil. Plus, each individual bottle has its own tracking number to the land.

9. Cooking can be messy. But not with this sensor can with voice control garbage can from simplehuman.

The rectangular sensor can with voice control opens at the sound of your voice. Just say, “open can” and the lid opens automatically, so throwing trash away is quick, efficient and hassle-free. It also has a motion sensor that opens the can with a wave of your hand and is smart enough to adapt to you and the surrounding environment — no false triggers, no unexpected lid closures. Clean kitchen. Thanks, simplehuman

The Bartender

Bartender tools whiskey boozy ice cream

10. BOS Drinkware is one step ahead with their Napa Wine Chiller. No worries if you forget to chill the wine bottle before a party or an evening at home. The Napa Wine Chiller prevents the wine from tasting too watery while keeping it chilled. The wine chiller also has the option of being engraved. 15% of the proceeds from every purchase gets donated to cancer research.

11. Tipsy Scoop Boozy Ice Cream has just the sweet treat that Dad wants in their 4 pints of Dad Body Pack ice cream. 

Help Dad continue to build his “Dad Bod” this Father’s Day with this pack of 4 pints of boozy ice cream. Flavors include Dark Chocolate Whiskey Salted Caramel, Vanilla Bean Bourbon, Spiked Hazelnut Coffee, and Hot Buttered Rum. Nationwide shipping through Goldbely.com, or local NYC delivery or in-store pick up at Tipsyscoop.com

12. If dad is a whiskey drinker, BOS Drinkware has a gift idea for you. Balls of Steel Whiskey Chillers not only perfectly chill your drink but they actually enhance the flavor. They’re reusable and washable and are perfect to stick in the freezer at the beginning of the day to be ready by the evening. They also have the option of being engraved with Dad’s initials. 15% of the proceeds from every purchase gets donated to cancer research.

13. Aberlour Single Malt Scotch Whisky has a whisky just for your Dad. 

With a portfolio of four different expressions to choose from, Aberlour Single Malt Scotch Whisky makes it easy to find the whisky personality that matches any dad. One of which is sure to fit his palate and satisfy every whisky-loving dad. It’s the perfect celebratory dram for the dad who deserves celebrating. More details and links are below and everything can be easily ordered online. 

14. Dad will want to use these multi purpose coasters from BOS Drinkware. Bottle Opener Coasters not only prevent table rings form forming, but the mustache-shaped cutout in the middle serves as a bottle opener. It comes in a pack of 4 and they’re made out of stainless steel. 15% of the proceeds from every purchase gets donated to cancer research.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

On The Go

Gift ideas for dad on the go earphones tervis mug backpack

15. If traveling by car or airplane causes Dad to not feel his best, then this may be just what he needs. Reliefband uses patented, clinically-proven, FDA-cleared technology to treat motion sickness often caused by riding in cars, planes, and boats. With a sleek and discreet look, Reliefband’s unique neuromodulation technology was developed for use in hospitals and alters nerve activity through targeted delivery of gentle pulses to the underside of the wrist to “turn off” feelings of nausea. It works quickly without side effects. Whether traveling for work or pleasure, this will be a welcome gift. 

16. Every Dad needs the best travel cup to get his day off on the right track. Tervis has him covered with their vast selection of tumblers and travel cups from creative patterns to his favorite sports team to choose from. This double-walled, powder coated tumbler offers all the benefits of stainless steel with bright, bold colored outers that keep what’s inside hotter or colder for hours. It will keep beverages cold for up to 24 hours and hot for 8. Plus, it is double-wall, vacuum insulated and copper lined stainless steel with leak resistant and easy close lids. Day made. 

17. Keeping Dad’s valuables safe when traveling is important which is why he will appreciate this Pacsafe® Venturesafe EXP45™ Black Anti-Theft Carry-On Travel Pack from RECREATIONiD.COM. It is a versatile, carry-on sized anti-theft travel pack, perfect for the dad on the go. With a roomy main compartment for his essentials, this pack is fitted with all the features and patented technology he needs for his travels.

18. Support Dad’s goals of staying in shape with these hi-tech earphones. SOUL’s Run Free Pro Bio is the world’s first AI earphones with Gait Analysis, serving as his own personal trainer by providing real-time voice coaching to guide him through his fitness routine and perfect his form through personal data analysis. The earbuds can make anyone feel like an athlete by measuring speed, distance, cadence, step length, step width, vertical oscillation, head tilt angle, stance/flight time, shock, maximum leg force, balance, and consistency to improve the quality of his workouts over time.

19. Make sure Dad’s prepared for little emergencies on his travels with this Welly Quick Fix Kit. This pre-assembled kit includes 18 bandages in three colors and a couple sizes, 3 single use triple antibiotic ointments and 3 hand sanitizers. This handy tin is the perfect compliment for any adventure, with just the right supplies to keep Dad covered.

Well Rested

well rested dad ideas weighted blanket air purifier

20. Therapedic’s Weighted collection: Cooling Throws + Cooling Blankets are just what Dad needs to relax. Dad will love to experience increased comfort at night with the calming and soothing effects from a new weighted blanket. Unlike traditional weighted blankets/throws, cooling blankets are made from rayon with a bamboo cover to keep him chill all summer long.

21. A good nights sleep is the start to a successful day. Sleepletics Celliant Performance Sheets is an FDA-determined medical device and general wellness product – the perfect combination of five-star comfort and revolutionary technology designed to promote a healthier, more restful sleep. These luxurious sateen weave sheets are made with a blend of premium long-staple cotton and patented Celliant polyester yarns. This combination of special yarns creates a soft, smooth and wrinkle-resistant fabric that looks and feels amazing while providing wellness benefits that support a healthy and active lifestyle.

Celliant mineral-infused yarns convert body heat into infrared energy and returns it to your body in a natural and safe way. This energy temporarily increases blood flow to your muscles and improves local circulation, helping you to sleep better and recover faster from physical activity. Through better sleep and faster recovery, Celliant Sheets can help boost energy and stamina, improve strength and enhance athletic performance. Sleepletics Celliant Sheets can also help regulate your body temperature for a more comfortable night’s sleep.

22. Coway Airmega 200 Air Purifier will help keep Dad’s bedroom filled with the cleanest indoor air. A compact model perfect for a bedroom or small room, cleaning and maintaining pure air for rooms up to 361 square feet. When no indoor air pollution is detected for 30 minutes, the fan will stop to save energy and start again when pollution is detected. The air purifier is designed for people with allergies, pets or those who just want to breathe the cleanest indoor air. 

happy father's day image with hat and pipe

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