Art Filled All Inclusive Hotel Xcaret Arte Resort in Riviera Maya

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  • February 05, 2023
xcaret arte aeriel

A luxury, all-inclusive resort where you are surrounded by Mexican art designed by local and national artisans, award winning chefs creating menus at more than 9 diverse restaurants, scenery that envelopes you in its tropical beauty, cenotes, infinity and rooftop pools and a spa that is built in to the natural rock caves. This is Hotel Xcaret Arte.

heart sculpture

Opened in 2021, Xcaret Arte is the second of three properties in the Grupo Xcaret family. Located just 45 minutes from Cancun in Riviera Maya, each of the hotels are designed to welcome guests looking for a family (Xcaret Mexico), adults only (Xcaret Arte) or boutique (La Casa de la Playa) vacation experience.

infinity pool

The resort’s mission to pay homage to the best Mexican artists is readily seen in the sculptures, paintings, water features, wall design, and more on the property.

mexican artists

Xcaret Arte: “Come and live art from its inception. We are Mexico, we are art.”

mexican man sculpture

It really is the details that make all the difference when you plan a luxury all-inclusive vacation. Transportation to and from the Cancun airport was effortless. The vehicle was waiting for me with cold beverages ready to whisk me away to Xcaret Arte. Upon arrival at the resort, I was warmly greeted and offered a frozen fruit bar to enjoy while we walked to the lobby. Each Casa has their own check in attendants who provide you with a digital bracelet key and escort you to your suite.  

Accommodations at Xcaret Arte

music sculpture

Accommodations within the Xcaret Arte property are filled with warmth, Mexican artisan design and comfort. Spread throughout the resort are six Casas with themes that speak to the culture and symbols of Mexican art.

  • Casa de los Artistas offers a painting workshop
  • Casa del Diseño offers weaving lessons
  • Casa de la Música holds dance lessons
  • Casa de la Pirámide teaches how to make pottery
  • Casa de la Paz offers cooking workshops
  • Casa del Patrón offers a main event and convention space

rooftop pool

With 900 contemporary suites, each home away from home is filled with so many details that highlight the natural beauty of materials found throughout Mexico. Both local and national artisans have inspired the pieces you will find in your suite from the colorful chandeliers to the live edge dining table to the weaving done on the pillow covers to the decorative tile used in the shower. Small design features like how marble is used to mute the lighting in the bathrooms and the pretty ceramic cups for your coffee add that special touch.

light fixture

The suites start at 645 square feet with varying nature views, swim up features and expansive terraces that include private lounge areas and hot tubs.

Each suite has a balcony with hammock and comfortable chairs to enjoy the scenery.  The entrance to your suite with the gorgeous wood doors and the marble along the wall with the suite number made it feel like a custom home. Little did I know when I opened the door, that “a custom home” was a really accurate statement. Take a tour of my suite to see the beautiful design.

My suite in Casa de la Musica overlooked the music theater. In the evenings, I would sit on the hammock facing the entertainment area and just relax into the music.

music theater

Architectural Design

The layout of the resort is intertwining and follows a path from each Casa to the beach stopping along the way at the restaurants, workshop spaces and infinity pool. 

art in walkway

The vibrant greenery and colorful flowers surrounding the walkways

colorful flowers

also include suspension foot bridges between buildings and the beach.  

suspension bridge

The well thought out architectural design ensures that the resort doesn’t feel crowded – even at 90% occupancy. With 900 suites, you would expect to always be surrounded by guests. Instead, you have a tropical oasis everywhere you look.

paddle board cenote


Within Grupo Xcaret, the concept of dining is not taken lightly. In fact, there is a whole Gastronomic Group made up of 13 chefs – 2 received Michelin Stars – and one sommelier that curate the gastronomic experiences inside all three Hoteles Xcaret. While you can choose elaborate, extraordinary and memorable tasting menus and wine pairings, the culinary team has made sure that casual dishes like burgers, tacos and other cravings are just as delicious.

Xcaret Arte may be an all-inclusive resort but they take their gastronomy to a completely new level. Helming the 9 restaurants are world class chefs that incorporate local Mexican ingredients in their dishes. Presentation is creative and photo worthy. This is a dining experience. Not just dinner.

encanta dessert

Each restaurant has their own theme and ambience. Flavor profiles that combine Mexican and Chinese cooking styles at Chino Poblano or Yucatan and Lebanese recipes at Kibi-Kibi are examples of must visit locations.China Poblano food

For those seeking a vegan menu exclusively, dine at Apapachoa for 100% plant-based dishes.

vegan restaurant

Michelin Star Chef Paco Mendez leads Encanta creating Mexican dishes with global influences from Barcelona to the Caribbean. A spectacular tasting menu of local ingredients that are presented in such a way that you are trying to capture each dish’s uniqueness before taking that first bite.

encanta three course

Not sure what you are hungry for? Stop by the buffets at Mercado de San Juan for a little bit of everything. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, this is a mecca of Mexican dishes from authentic homemade chilaquiles to fresh fruits, guacamole and pastries to soups, tacos and Mexican hot chocolate. Have a sweet tooth? Check out the bins of Mexican candies complete with little bags to take back to your suite. And don’t miss out on the ice cream and made to order crepes.mercado de san juan

Get ready for the most unique pastry and bread delivery service too. Oh and stop by the quesadilla station where from-scratch tortillas are being made.

bread delivery

While Xcaret Arte is an all-inclusive dining experience, there is one very special restaurant that is a la carte.

“Xaak is the basket that protects the legacy of regional food flavors, and with the creativity of five culinary artists, is showcased here in a grand seven course work of art.”

xaak dishes

Xaak is lead by chefs Alejandro Ruiz, Roberto Solis, Franco Maddalozzo, Paco Méndez, and Jonatan Gómez Luna that create the most memorable culinary experience. A multi course tasting menu with a focus on Mexican cuisine elegantly and expertly presented in dishes like the Vanilla and Coffee Ravioli from chef Franco Maddalozzo.

xaak vanilla ravioli

A simple but appreciated surprise is discovering a hot cup of freshly made coffee (including cappuccino, latte) niches throughout the property. At Caféteca, have a barista make your coffee of choice, grab a sandwich, pastry or fruit any time of day.

There are 9 bars at Xcaret Arte including those found at the rooftop pools. A notable for those looking for a late-night infusion of music, craft cocktails and entertainment is at the El Deseo Speakeasy. A little navigation through winding hallways opens in to this high energy spot. Grab a table and enjoy!speakeasy

It is fun to note that each restaurant has a design feature that is memorable.

Mercado de San Juan – Ceiling decoration galore including lampshades and baskets hanging upside down. Dine indoors or out on the patio.

Xaak – Aquariums filled with colorful fish.

aquarium at xaak

Kibi-Kibi – A view from under the water.

kibi kibi woman underwater

Chino Poblano – The coved ceilings, tall chairs and long communal table

china poblano

Apapachoa – Rooftop dining with a view of nature.

vegan restaurant rooftop view

Muluk Spa and Wellness

While you are enjoying every moment of the sun and sand in your goal of relaxation, it is at Muluk Spa and Wellness that rejuvenation is truly found. In this magical place, you will find a hydrotherapy circuit, treatment cabins carved into the natural rock, and a choice of curated wellness treatments using natural and organic products.

hydrotherapy muluk

Rest on the comfy lounge chairs as you view the emerald-water river and ecosystem’s flora that encompass the spa.

lounge chairs

You simply breathe in the peacefulness of your surroundings. While my visit to Muluk Spa was an added fee to my stay, it left me with a calmness both mentally and physically that was priceless. Experience this mystic wellness yourself in this beautiful place at Xcaret Arte.

view from spa

All Fun at Xcaret Arte

A vacation to Mexico may feel like it is all about the sunshine, pools and beaches. But if adventure and activity are your goal, then check out the All-Fun feature offered by Xcaret Hotels. The All-Fun Inclusive™ concept is where guests can explore underground rivers, zip-lines, cenotes, Mexican fiestas, shows and so much more. Not only are these adventures included in your hotel stay but so is the transportation. The parks to check out are Xcaret, Xel-Há, Xplor, Xenses, Xoximilco, Xplor Fuego, Xavage and Xenotes.

xcaret adventure park

Xcaret Arte in Summary

Hotel Xcaret Arte is everything and more when it comes to an all-inclusive luxury property. Throughout my stay, I found myself stopping to take in the artwork that was in front of me at every turn. The artistic aspect of my experience in the various workshops I participated in reminded me of that love of creating.ceramic workshop

Add that to the incredible dining that took place each day, relaxing at the infinity pool, wandering the lush grounds, exploring the architecture and views, relishing in the hydrotherapy at the spa and just “being” in the beauty of my suite made this vacation one I will never forget.

Some final tips for you:

  • Xcaret Arte is an adults only resort for those age 16 and older.
  • When booking your Casa, review the different options for swim up, beach view, restaurant exclusivity, private patio and hot tub, so your suite is perfect for you.
  • Make your reservations for the restaurants in advance of arriving to make sure you are able to experience each dining experience you desire. (Including Xaak!)
  • Choose the parks you want to explore and make any reservations needed.
  • Provide your flight arrival time so transportation is waiting for you at the airport.
  • Explore the Muluk Spa and Wellness menu for treatments that will enhance your peace of mind.

Finally, enjoy every moment of your experience at Xcaret Arte. Lavish in the Mexican culture as Grupo Xcaret intended as they share their great love for Mexico with their guests. It is a very special place where nature, art, gastronomy and peacefulness reside. 


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