Airport Dining on the Run from AirGrub

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  • July 09, 2015

Having been a business traveler (aka Road Warrior) for much of my career, finding good and hopefully healthy food while running through an airport is usually just a fleeting thought. The ultimate goal is to make the flight. How many times have you had to find a way to make a meal out of what you find in the newspaper shops at the airport? I have lost count! While airports have definitely improved their assortment of restaurants and quality of menu options, sometimes having the time to get to the restaurant, place the order and wait for it to be packaged to-go can be challenging.

Well, the thoughtful people at AirGrub Systems ( and Tastes on the Fly ( have solved this dilemma with the launch of the AirGrub app. First being implemented at San Francisco International Airport, travelers can order and pre-pay for airports meals at three Tastes on the Fly restaurants within the airport:

Perry’s – Terminal 1

Napa Farms Market – Terminal 2

Yankee Pier – Terminal 3

Inspiring Kitchen AirGrub Dining on the Run

We live on our phones so why not be able to efficiently and simply order a meal to be ready for us (meaning ordered, packaged and paid for) on those same phones? Makes such perfect sense, doesn’t it?! Place your order and pick up your freshly made meal at your Taste on the Fly restaurant of choice. If you want to add more items, it can easily be added to your AirGrub account. The app is available on the iTunes Store and through Google Play and works on iPhones and Android devices.


Inspiring Kitchen AirGrub Dining on the RunThe San Francisco International Airport is the first airport for AirGrub with additional airports and restaurants joining the party soon. Next locations include Boston’s Logan and NY’s JFK Airports. If you aren’t familiar with Tastes on the Fly, they operate 15 restaurants in San Francisco, Boston, Denver and JFK Airport. They offer fine dining to casual quick-serve which has landed them in the national “Best of Airport Dining” press lists. Their mission is to serve airport meals as delicious as anything travelers would enjoy at their favorite local restaurant.

For a limited time, AirGrub is offering a discount to first time customers and accommodates employee discounts directly in the app for airport and airline employees. If you are traveling through San Francisco anytime soon, check out the app and let us know what you think. And watch for the launch for upcoming airports. Have a great trip!


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