A New Way To Remember Your Vacation

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  • September 10, 2015

The moment I begin planning a vacation is when the anticipation of escaping reality begins. And if I am honest, when the countdown begins! So, when I finally get to my vacation spot, I am  just brimming with happiness. There is no way I will think of my return home until the very last second of the vacation. All those days of carefree lounging on the beautiful sandy beaches of wherever I am with the waves crashing peacefully in the distance will not go wasted by a reminder of the traffic, work and chaos of everyday life.

Inspiring Kitchen Jewelry Sand VacationAnd yet, within the deep recesses of my mind, I know that day is going to come. I love to shop on vacation. Ok, there you have it. But, I don’t just buy anything. I want to bring home with me for myself or as a gift, an item that is a thoughtful and reflective reminder of my travels. It is for this reason that I am very excited to share a company’s super fun products with you. The brand is called Dune Jewelry otherwise known as The Original Beach Sand Jewelry Co.

Finding ways to keep the memories alive from your travel experience beyond photos and videos is difficult sometimes. Not with Dune Jewelry. The beauty of this brand is that you are able to capture your memories of your beach vacation in the pieces of jewelry that you wear. This could be rings, bracelets, necklaces, cuff links and earrings.

Inspiring Kitchen Jewelry Sand Vacation(photos courtesy of Dune Jewelry)

When you go on a beach vacation, bringing home sand in your shoes, bathing suit and beach bag is not a fun thing. Definitely not something that you look forward too. But, what Dune Jewelry offers you is a way to put a small amount of sand from your favorite beach into your chosen jewelry from their collection. This way, every time you glance down at your ring, you will be reminded of your travels.

Here’s how it works. The team behind Dune have what they call a sandbank filled with sand from around the world that’s been collected from all the different beaches. In the event that the beach you want to visit isn’t available in the sandbank, you are able to collect your own sand (check the laws regarding this in country you will be in) and send it in to Dune to be used for your jewelry. Now, you want to choose the piece of jewelry you want to buy. Once this is done and you have confirmed the sand you want, you easily place your order on their website. And that is it. They will direct ship the item to you within a couple weeks time. It’s the finishing touch to your vacation as you will now have a customized piece of jewelry from your favorite vacation. This would be such a memorable gift following a trip filled with great friends or as a way to honor your anniversary or honeymoon.Inspiring Kitchen Jewelry Sand Vacation(photos courtesy of Dune Jewelry)

There are so many creative ideas on how to design a piece of jewelry that is special to you or to your recipients. Take a look at Dune Jewelry’s website and you’ll see what I mean.

Inspiring Kitchen Jewelry Sand Vacation(photos courtesy of Dune Jewelry)

For fun, I looked at some of the sand from beaches across the world and places I’ve never been like Positano, Italy, and the glass beach (Port Allen, Kauai) in Hawaii. I think I have a new travel schedule in the making after seeing these beautiful beaches. What an innovative way to plan your next trip!

I hope you enjoy scrolling through Dune’s website choosing some special pieces that will bring you lots of happy memories of your travels.

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