A New Look at Nescafe® Taster’s Choice® Instant Coffee

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  • September 18, 2016

Anyone that knows me knows how much I love coffee. I don’t just drink it for the energy – although that is a nice perk (pun intended). I actually like the flavor! And that is why I am so picky when it comes to the brands I choose to drink.

nescafe coffee inspiring kitchen


When Nescafe® Taster’s Choice® reached out to me to try their instant coffee, I was willing to learn more. As I read about their approach to responsibly sourced beans how they roast them, brew and flash freeze their coffee to lock in freshness, I got the feeling that what I knew of instant coffee was no longer current. This wasn’t my Grandmother’s version of coffee anymore. And the great news is we are hosting a giveaway for you to win a jar of the 1.7 ounce House Blend!!! Check out the details at the bottom of the post. And enter to win!


If you were to look at my kitchen, you will see that I have many different styles of coffee makers from drip to French press to Espresso makers. Making instant coffee is just that. Instant. No gadgets required. Nescafe® Taster’s Choice® is well-crafted coffee made simple. Since the beans are carefully roasted, brewed and flash frozen, all you have to do is simply add hot water to unlock the rich, smooth flavor.

Since everyone’s coffee palettes are different, Nescafe® Taster’s Choice® offers a selection of instant coffee that ranges from decaf to French roast to flavored coffees. Something for everyone. To take the Challenge, I made a cup of coffee adding a little cinnamon and steamed milk along with a drizzle of chocolate syrup to add a sweet touch to the finish. Rich coffee with no bitterness. Just what I like. 

nescafe french roast coffee inspiring kitchen

If you are familiar with this brand, you may remember that they once came in plastic containers. They have now upgraded the 7 ounce containers to glass jars to not only lock in freshness better but also to showcase the instant coffee granules inside. For those of us with crazy busy schedules, Nescafe® Taster’s Choice® offers super convenient individual stick packs for a big 8 ounce size cup of coffee. 

Just to see how versatile Nescafe® Taster’s Choice® instant coffee is, I decide to make a coffee treat for myself:  Coffee Milkshake. I poured 6 ounces of cooled coffee into my Vitamix along with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Blended and added whipped cream and cinnamon. Delicious!


I took the Nescafe® Taster’s Choice® Challenge and am glad I did! With 6 varieties of roasts and flavors from House Blend to French Roast to Hazelnut, there is a coffee just for you. To see a full list of Nescafe® Taster’s Choice® products and instant coffee recipes, please see their website

Now it’s your turn to take the NESCAFÉ® Taster’s Choice® challenge.  Bonus is that National Coffee Day is September 29. Perfect time to try it! 

So, here’s how it works. We are hosting a giveaway of 10 1.7-ounce glass jars of Nescafe® Taster’s Choice® House Blend glass jars for our readers to sample. To enter, visit Nescafe® Taster’s Choice®, and learn more about the coffee. Then come back here and leave a post below letting us know what you took away!

We will pick 10 winners randomly on October 7th, 2016. 

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