7 Summertime Spirits, Cocktails and Mocktails

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  • August 13, 2020

Staying home in 2020 doesn’t have to mean missing out on socializing with your family and friends. It just requires us to be more creative in our methods of communication. Happy Hour may now need a computer (thanks, Zoom and Facetime!) and virtual guests but our choice of cocktails and mocktails has increased. 

From fruit infused beer to green tea mocktails to fragrant rosé and more, here are seven brands to cheer on friendship and family from the safety of your home. 

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Spirits, Cocktails and Mocktails

Organic Rosé All Day Spritz

rose all day spirits cocktails mocktails

Rosé All Day is introducing the perfect warm weather libation: Organic Rosé All Day Spritz! The two hottest beverage crazes are merging with this launch so both spritz and pink wine lovers can rejoice together. The organic rosé will be enveloped in bubbles and to compliment the fresh strawberry notes of rosé, essence of grapefruit is blended perfectly into each batch for a refreshing taste. Rosé all day Spritz is organic, gluten-free and low in alcohol and calories with less than 1 ½ grams of sugar, just 5% alcohol and only 75 calories per serving.

Looking for a refreshing drink to take on a picnic? Now, this new wine-based cocktail/seltzer is in a can – the Organic Rosé All Day Spritz! Found in either four packs of 250ml cans or 750ml bottles at select Costco, Sam’s Clubs and BJ’s. Check the website for a location near you. 


Spirits, Cocktails: Mocktails

Newby Green Sencha Tea

newby tea mocktailsWe may think of a cup of hot tea as a means to relax but its flavor profile offers an abundance of recipe ideas.  How about trying Newby’s Green Sencha Tea to make mocktails?  Try the Green Tea Colada or Green Tea Kiwi for delicious non-alcoholic options for your gatherings. 

Green Sencha is a loose green tea prepared according to time-honored Japanese methods. Luxury London tea brand, Newby, has won more than 100 international tea awards – more than any other brand in the world.  While the best part is clearly the taste, it’s so important to note that 99 percent of profits go to charity.

To make your own mocktails with Newby’s Green Sencha, order your tea here


 Sexy AF Spirits  

sexy af drinks spirits cocktails mocktails

Now here’s a brand making a statement in support of those who prefer non-alcoholic drinks. Sexy AF Spirits are 100% alcohol-free, plant based, low cal, and botanically infused spirits that are perfect for mixing.
How to drink Sexy AF Spirits: Rule of thumb is to treat a shot of Sexy AF Spirits as you would a shot of alcohol when creating your cocktails. The sky’s the limit with what flavors you can create. The 4 Sexy AF Spirits varieties are:
  • Amar-oh: A true Italian American, Amar-oh blends familiar American flavors of spearmint, sasparillo & Kola with traditional Milanese herbal Amaros. Bitter & bold yet light & sophisticated. Enjoy in cocktails, with soda or ginger ale.
  • Kampari: A classic reborn, our bitter orange aperitivo captures the quintessential mood of Italian cocktail culture. Bitter & sweet orange peels, paired with Neroli blossoms and traditional herbal bitters. For food, friends, and creative blends.
  • Triple Sexy: Triple orange, Triple dry & Triple sexy.  Orange liqueur is rich, round & rambunctious. One of the greatest supporting acts in the long history of cocktail culture, use it wherever & whenever to lift or liven up cocktails both old and new.
  • Viirgiin: Bold & Robust, Viirgiin is a dry & harmonious blend of the world’s most famous gin botanicals. Popular mixed drinks & cocktails are reinvigorated by those with exquisite taste.
Be sure to check out the Digital Recipe Book on the Sexy AF website for fun cocktail ideas and inspiration.  To make a quick cocktail, use soda water, tonic or ginger ale to create your personal favorite.
Whether you are out with friends or enjoying at home, enhance your experience with a great tasting, alcohol-free mocktail that is Sexy AF. Sexy AF is not just a spirit, it’s a lifestyle. 
Sexy AF spirits can be bought directly online at www.sexyafspirits.com. They ship across Canada and the United States. Soon to be on Amazon. 

Spirits, Mocktails: Cocktails

Saint Archer Brewing Company’s Tropical IPA

spirits cocktails mocktails beer
San Diego based Saint Archer Brewing Company’s Tropical IPA is sure to provide a little piece of paradise while in quarantine. The newest addition to their core lineup, the West Coast StyleTropical IPA is brewed with real fruit, using Mosaic, Citra, and Simcoe Hops with a blend of real mango and passionfruit for a balanced bitterness and drinkability. Available in 12 oz. six packs in select stores throughout California, Hawaii, Alaska, Oregon, Nevada, Washington and Arizona, as well as on draft in multiple locations and both San Diego tasting rooms in Miramar and Leucadia. 
Shop Saint Archer Brewing Company’s Tropical IPA here

disaronna cocktails mocktails

Disaronno Velvet is the perfect blending of cream and Disaronno – the world’s favorite Italian amaretto liqueur. This delicious liquid with its fresh tones of apricot and touch of almond and vanilla is best enjoyed on the rocks but also compliments a variety of base spirits for the perfect mixed cocktail. How do you Velvet?

Velvet Toblerone
.75oz Disaronno Velvet
.75oz Spiced Rum
.75oz Tia Maria
1.5oz Cream
.5oz Honey syrup (1part honey/1 part hot water)
Shake & Strain over ice
Garnish with whipped cream and chocolate shavings


Find Disaronno Velvet at your local retailers. 


Vitani Martini

vitani martini

Enjoying a martini at home doesn’t mean you need to take a mixology class. In fact, you can give the “bartender” the night off, thanks to VITANI

VITANI introduces a brand new way to sip well-crafted cocktails straight from a bottle.  Home mixology piques interest among cocktail-lovers of all ages, but the process can be intimidating. VITANI offers an opportunity to pour a premium quality, sometimes much needed, martini any time while completely skipping the bar.  Life is all about convenience, and with VITANI, all imbibers have to do is chill, shake and enjoy.

Cosmo Martini – infused with natural cranberry, orange and triple sec
Dirty Martini – real olive brine
Elderpear Martini – infused with natural pear, honey and elderflower
Vitani Mule – infused with natural ginger, lime and simple syrup

Packaged in sleek, environmentally friendly and easy to transport aluminum bottles, VITANI is perfect for any situation.  Plus, the customized packaging chills five times faster than glass and stays cold longer. Whether bringing to a party, relaxing at home, or enjoying on a glamping trip, VITANI is the ideal choice.  

Find the VITANI brand of martinis and mule cocktails at a location near you


Cocktails, Mocktails: Spirits

Spirits Lab 

spirits lab vodka spirits cocktails mocktails

Spirits Lab is the Hudson Valley’s newest craft distillery located in the heart of Newburgh’s historic district in New York. Using New York grown grains and botanicals to produce a line of small-batch craft spirits including a gluten free vodka, gin, bourbon and rye. In addition to their core portfolio, they produce a range of bottled craft cocktails that are available for purchase at their tasting room. 

Angry Orchard, the country’s leading provider of hard cider, has collaborated with Spirits Lab to create a new line of cider-inspired cocktails.  Available exclusively at Angry Orchard and Spirits Lab’s Tasting Room, the cocktails combine their award-winning cider and Spirits Lab’s small-batch spirits to create an unparalleled cocktail experience. 

APPLE CIDER OLD FASHIONED: Made with Angry Orchard’s Wooden Sleeper Bourbon Barrel Aged cider and Spirits Lab’s Bull’s Head Bourbon, this twist on the Old Fashioned incorporates the smooth richness of bourbon with a bright cider finish perfect for the Summer season.

spirits lab sangria

BASQUE SANGRIA:  Inspired by summers in Spain, this cocktail is made with Angry Orchard’s Super Natural Cider, Spirits Lab Vodka, peach and apricot liqueurs.  This sparkling cocktail is refreshing with the essence of summer stone fruit.

Next time you are in the Hudson Valley area, stop by Spirits Lab to learn more about their small batch craft spirits and cocktails. 


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