6 Easy Fall Home Decorating Ideas

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  • September 22, 2016

We are heading into my favorite time of year. The air is cool and refreshing. The trees will soon have multi-colored leaves. And the chance to do a little home decorating is here. Since today is the first day of Fall, finding ways to change the “seasons” inside your home brings new design opportunities. We designate Springtime to cleaning out our homes, filling the rooms with colors whether pastel or bright, open and inviting. When Fall rolls around, we have a similar mentality, only the point of the transition is the opposite–we swap out our summery items for winter whites or deep colors, rich textures and cozy pieces.

Here are some of the interesting pieces I have found for the transition in to Fall:

1)  Getting ready for cold weather means layering up, so why not apply the concept to your home by incorporating cozy throws in your living room. The key to creating that cozy feeling is to mix textures (think faux fur, plush, cable knit, etc.) and keep colors neutral. 


Crate and Barrel Lima Alpaca Throw/Williams Sonoma Solid Cashmere Throw/Williams Sonoma Faux Fur Gray Fox Throw

2)  Storing your extra pillows and blankets provides you with yet another channel to explore. Try tossing everything in a natural colored basket for an instant cozy factor. Or display your throws on a leaning ladder against the wall.


Pottery Barn Hayes Leather Storage Basket/West Elm Modern Weave Hamper/West Elm Metallic Woven Hamper/West Elm Faux Leather Baskets



Pottery Barn Ladder/Crate and Barrel Teak Ladder

3) Looking to add some decorative accents to your coffee table? Try mixing and matching vases with texture, metallics and color. 


Williams Sonoma Metallic Gray Vase/Williams Sonoma Gold Ginger Jar/Williams Sonoma Tortoise Glass Vase


Williams Sonoma Banana Leaf Tray/Williams Sonoma Greek Key Tray

4) Swap out your pastel colored pillows for some with richer hues like magenta, navy, gray, green, and burnt reds. But no need to limit yourself with traditional colors. Try adding metallic accents to earthy tones or darker color schemes. Go for an analogous colored look by combining reds, oranges, and salmon colors with touches of gray. Or stray from the beaten path by combining teal and bronze with orange and mustard yellow.


Crate and Barrel Wintry Pillow/Crate and Barrel Nikolai/Crate and Barrel Brenner Indigo Blue Velvet Pillow/Crate and Barrel Zevar Orange Pillow/Crate and Barrel Brenner Rust Orange Velvet Pillow/Crate and Barrel Pelliccia Silver Pillow

5) One of the best parts of Fall are the rich scents that come with the changing of the season. To channel those warm, inviting scents just add some scented candles throughout your home. This trick also provides dim lighting, a sure-in for a cozy environment.


Pottery Barn Halloween Black Flameless Crocodile Candles/Bloomingdales Illume Cavern Glass Blackberry Absinthe/West Elm Naturalist Hearth Candle

6) A lovely and fragrant way to bring nature in to your home during winter months is to have beautiful flower arrangements displayed on foyer or dining tables. Using colors of the season and incorporating food ingredients makes the presentation unique to your home and style. Caroline Bailly, owner of L’Atelier Rouge, a floral studio in NYC, shares “We love the idea of mixing fruits, vegetables and florals when designing a contemporary “still life tablescape.” 

Caroline has kindly shared the details on how to design the arrangement in the photo in your own home. This particular arrangement uses fall trends by mixing emerald green shades and salmon colors.


(photo credit: Courtesy of L’Atelier Rouge/Lydia Hudgens) 

Flowers used: Rainbow Kale, Carrots, Pomegranate and Peonies

Material used: Ceramic pots, 2 blocks of oasis, knife, raffia and wood picks


  • Soak the oasis under running water
  • Cut your oasis blocks to the size of the container and place it inside, add water
  • Cut the stems of flowers and foliage as an angle
  • Bundle up the carrots and tie them with raffia
  • Stick wooden picks in pomegranate
  • Start designing your arrangement in order to create a transition of colors match the colors of the leaves to the vegetable and fruits used and then work the flowers in color blocks to have more contemporary look.


As the next few months bring entertaining indoors once again, being able to decorate our homes to fit the trends or our personal taste is as easy as adding items like those shared here. Incorporating your family’s personality into the space makes it your home. Using a variety of materials and styles allows a homeowner the opportunity to create a new aesthetic throughout the course of the year. Now is the time to color outside the lines! What are your favorite design tricks to change up your home from season to season?

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Fall!



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