10 Examples of Smart Home Technology for your Kitchen

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  • January 13, 2017

Smart Kitchen Tools

In 1999, Disney Channel released an original movie called Smart House. In this children’s movie, a teenage boy named Ben wins a competition where the prize is a fully automated home that can ultimately take care of itself. To Ben, this home means his dad will not have to re-marry. However, in typical movie, Ben’s dad falls in love. Ben, feeling betrayed, tampers with the smart home’s computer program and causes it to try to take over. Spoiler alert, the movie has an all-around happy ending.

When I first saw this movie way back when, I was in awe of the idea of an automated, or “smart,” home. I mean, what person would not want a house to do all the cleaning for him or her?!

Well, just a mere 17 years later and Disney’s smart home idea is not far off. Today, companies are combining smart technology and internet connectivity to create more efficient products ranging from appliances all the way to magnets. Although the world has not quite reached the level of Disney’s Smart Home (…yet), companies have started launching more tech-savvy items for everyday life.

Here are just some of the fascinating ideas you can invest in to take your kitchen space from ordinary to extraordinary.


1) Family Hub Refrigerator – this is anything from your ordinary refrigerator. Samsung’s Smart Fridge comes with built-in cameras programmed to take snapshots of the inside of your fridge every time you close its doors, and having access to these photos on your smartphone means you’ll always have real-time grocery list. The Family Hub (a touch screen display with internet connection) gives you instant access to music, recipes, and the weather. Samsung’s new fridge puts everything from calendars to reminders to grocery lists all in one place. How smart is that?!

2) LG’s Smart ThinQ – a 6.3 cubic feet Capacity Electric Single Oven Range with Infrared Grill in Stainless Steel. On top of its 5 stove top burners and bottom warming drawer, this product also features timed and delayed cooking, automatic conversion of conventional to convection cooking temperatures, and cooks evenly.


1) Nest Thermostat – a slim, sleek, and extremely smart thermostat! This device saves energy, and your money, by automatically adapting to your lifestyle and the change in seasons and programming itself. The built-in motion sensors allow Nest to not only light up when you walk into a room, but also give it the ability to detect when you are not home, thus switching its setting to auto-away. The compatible mobile app allows you to change the thermostat settings from anywhere, warns you if any issues are detected, and tracks how much energy you have saved since you switched to Nest Thermostat.

2) Honeywell’s WI-FI Smart Thermostat – hate getting up to manually change the thermostat in your home? Never fear, Honeywell is here! All you have to do is verbally tell your thermostat that you’re cold or to turn up the temperature and it’ll take care of the rest. And if that is alone is not enough to make you want to ditch your traditional thermostat, this smart thermostat comes with a companion app that gives you remote comfort control from anywhere! 


1) Drop Scale – this no cable device allows you to bake and create drinks to the utmost precision with its smart scaling ability. How it works is simple: you just download the Drop Scale mobile app, select a recipe to create, and follow along with its interactive steps. The scale lets you know how much of each ingredient you need and offers “smart substitutions” for each of its one bowl recipes. 

2) Perfect Drink Pro – Using an app, you can pour a perfectly portioned cocktail with the help of the scale’s technology. Fun way to showcase your mixology skills to your friends and family.  


1) Hiku – a refrigerator magnet that remembers your grocery list for you! All you have to do is say the item you need or scan its barcode and using WI-FI connection, Hiku syncs the list to its compatible mobile app. Instead of trying to remember a list of items, all you need to remember is to open the Hiku app while you are at the store!

2) Invoxia’s Triby – this fridge magnet is on a whole other level! With Triby you can leave memos for your family, call yourself an Uber with its WI-FI calling abilities (it saves your minutes people!), listen to music, or ask Alexa (its built in voice service) a question. You can also send a message to or call Triby through its smartphone app!


1) HAPIfork – a fork that helps you monitor and track eating habits by using Bluetooth technology (or via its optional USB cord). This smart fork counts the number of fork servings, logs mealtime, and alerts you when you are eating too fast by gently vibrating and lighting up. Live a happier and healthier life with HAPIfork!

2) SmartPlate – a 10” plate that is WIFI and Bluetooth enabled and comes with 3 mini cameras and weight sensors to track your meal and the portions you serve yourself–if you have too much it will even alert you. You can also sync your plate to the SmartPlate mobile app, which can connect to FitBit or MyFitnessPal.

Technology. It is what wakes you up in the morning. What makes your coffee. What you drive to work in. It is truly everywhere and making our lives a little easier. So, the next time you are thinking of updating your kitchen or home, why not pick the SMART choice?

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